Vege chips

Another snack that I found at Katong 112 .. Vegetable snacks! I mean they are supposedly (maybe not but) “psychologically” healthier snack form since its vegetable based? ahhaha so I bought 2 to compare:

A peak insidee



sweet potato. pumpkin

Verdict:  end of the day, if you want to be healthy, just eat the vegetable instead. Seriously! hahaha… the vegetable flavoured one, its like a nice saltish snack to have to make you feel psychologically better that you are eating something healthy. The second one however, is like .. I think the sweet potato chip is fine – its like potato chips and just sweet – (on second thought I think I had rather cooked one sweet potato and eat it instead of this)  .. the pumpkin just tasted weird. .. I don’t really know how much more to describe it .. but just weird.  Wont Go back to buy both

Katong 112
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802 


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