Ritz or jap?

I think the readers of this blog (a big thank you for your continual comments and support) would probably have guessed apart for my undying ‘love’ towards chocolate chip cookies, I blog quite frequently about Japanese snacks.

I am probably one of the suckers for their neat and cool packaging – and most of the times they do deliver what they promise on the packaging – looks and taste.

that being said, I found this at this jap supermarket at katong 112

Cheese Biscuit

Close Up

I thought it reminded me of ritz bits, so I bought a small packet of it and did a comparison

Ritz Bits

Close up

now a comparison of the two:

Side by side comparison

Verdict: The Japanese biscuit has a more saltier texture to it, and the size is bigger than the normal ritz bit ( as seen). The cheese was slightly sweeter than the ritz as well. But I think I still like my ritz the best. I like ritz in that its like balanced (ok abit more to the saltier side but not as saltish as this Japanese Biscuit) of sweet and saltiness combined in a biscuit. šŸ™‚

112 East Coast RoadĀ 
Singapore 428802


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