Salads & Wraps

well, before my class started, I thought I just try to ‘ta bao’ my dinner as all the shops probably closed quite late and early in CBD area.

I was just walking around and I found this shop

Front of the Shop

and I thought I try and ordered myself a Caesar Salad Wrap! .. Couldn’t wait to eat it after class ended!

my wrap

Just thought it will be a nice light dinner – especially when you are hungry around 10-11 pm that kind of timing ..

Caesar Salad Wrap!

Verdict: I would order this again! Especially when my classes run so late! I think it’s quite a full wrap – I couldn’t finish it in one sitting. The bacon bits were plentiful, as well as the egg and chicken – totally spilling out with the vegetables. What a blessed find 🙂 A recommended meal replacement especially when its in the wierd timings when carbs feel abit too much for the day, but yet, just want something to fill your stomach 🙂

Salads and Wraps
Icon Village 
12 Gopeng Street,
Singapore 078877 

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