Have a tiger! (no not beer)

Don’t know if you have tried this before, but ever since i ate it on my diving trip, my soul has been sold to this biscuit for a while ( but my alligence to chocolate chip cookie will never fade 🙂 )

That being said: ta dumm!!



This is the chocolate flavoured one. They come in two flavours.
And of course:



This is the original flavoured one.

Verdict: I never expected myself to get so hooked on these biscuits but they have a distinct ‘milk malt-iness’ ( can’t find any other word to describe) , especially the original flavoured one, is not as sweet as the chocolate, and heavier in the ‘malty’ taste. 🙂 definite must have when i am having coffee or tea 🙂 given their texture, i reckon they would go quite well with milo when dipped!

Can be bought at all fairprice outlets!