QQ Rice ball

Healthier cai fan(菜饭)?

I realised after working or rather hearing my stories from friends about how their colleagues enjoy eating cai fun(菜饭)/ selection rice for lunch, i would suggest a healthier and cuter cai fun 🙂

I ate this frequently as well, whenever i feel fat or just want to detox a little, i would turn to : QQ rice ball.

This place and concept was originally from taiwan, where you can only pick from different types of healthy rice ( red rice, 5 grained, purple rice, etc) mind u theres NO WHITE RICE 🙂 i like how they give you the nutrional values as well of the rice you pick, so i mean you are aware of what you put into your body. After choosing the rice,


You get to select up to 5 different ingredients! Customise your own rice ball 🙂
I would always add 30 cents more for the black pepper chicken, but i do realise somehow it just doesnt taste as nice as the first time i had it – in terms of it having lesser black pepper sauce, and some times i feel the meat is overcooked.
From the veg side, i quite like the burdock– a type of root that is full on goodness and fibre( i think)

And after adding all the goodness:


Ta dumm 🙂
Verdict: 1/1 love it 🙂 I will occasionally buy for my parents as well when I think they are eating too much 🙂 and they quite like it! amazingly!! They are quite the white rice eaters 🙂 One of my favourite healthy eating place! Super convenient to ta bao and go 🙂 maybe should try this for a change instead of cai fun 🙂

QQ Rice Ball
10 Sinaran Drive,
Novena Square 2,