We were feeling quite bloated ( ok troop plonkies was – I was hungry :p) so we called it a day after the mugging session and went ahead for dinner at one of our favourite hunts : Ootoya 🙂


I was first introduced to this place by troopie plonks, ans subsequently started bringing my other troopies to try ! I really like this place and ate it in Japan and Hong Kong! I like how everything makes you feel healthy on the menu since all the amount of calories are already counted, as well as the portioning is really just right 🙂

We ordered ourselves each :

I ordered :


Close up

I enjoyed mine thoroughly and ate up everything in my set. I like how the miso soup is filled with ingredients inside unlike Your average instant miso soups in restaurants with miserable toufus.. The basil dressing was something unique to me – and balanced out well with the dish!

On a side note, i changed my rice to what they advertised to be full of calcium and even containing more iron than chicken liver, more calcium than burdock! And full of vitamin A!


Troopie plonks wasnt feeling well so she ordered the porridge – filled with multigrain goodness and loads of healthy things



And for both sets, these also came along side :



Verdict: 2/2 of us will return. I am glad that despite we going to a different branch, the standard is maintained and the staff are very friendly and meticulous in making sure all your order is served up.

Temasek Boulevard,
Suntec City Mall,