Vege chips

Another snack that I found at Katong 112 .. Vegetable snacks! I mean they are supposedly (maybe not but) “psychologically” healthier snack form since its vegetable based? ahhaha so I bought 2 to compare:

A peak insidee



sweet potato. pumpkin

Verdict:  end of the day, if you want to be healthy, just eat the vegetable instead. Seriously! hahaha… the vegetable flavoured one, its like a nice saltish snack to have to make you feel psychologically better that you are eating something healthy. The second one however, is like .. I think the sweet potato chip is fine – its like potato chips and just sweet – (on second thought I think I had rather cooked one sweet potato and eat it instead of this)  .. the pumpkin just tasted weird. .. I don’t really know how much more to describe it .. but just weird.  Wont Go back to buy both

Katong 112
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802 


Soup Kitchen

We all managed to meet up to celebrate troopie peapodie’s birthday! After a few rounds of suggestions and ‘votes’, we all decided and headed down towards Soup Kitchen for dinner.


We ordered the set for 6 – and the food came super duper fast!

Appetizer: Dried Chilli and peanuts

Chrysanthemum Tea

dan gui and kai lan

Wolfberry and Ginseng Chicken Soup

Steamed Fish Slices

Beggar’s Toufu

Ginger and Spring Onion Venison meat

Broccoli with Chinese Mushroom and Beancurd Sheets

Penang Noodles

And of course, not forgetting, the main thing that we came here for:

Sam Sui Chicken

Cabbage to go with the Sam Sui Chicken

 Verdict: 4.5/6 of us liked the place.                                                            troopie peapodie didn’t end up liking soup kitchen because she thought it was too herby for her delight. But overall taste wise is ok .. probably just not she will crave and go for.                                                                                         troopie ali overall didn’t like the soup because the chicken was “tough like sandpaper” although she said she tried their other soup – the pork rib one which she claims is not bad.                                                                                          I personally like the Samsui chicken – of course standard is still as good- as well as the broccoli and noodle dish. The chrysanthemum tea is presented quite uniquely, although the I kept drinking the flower together. Food wise, I think its quite a nice healthier alternative than the usual chinese restaurants,and of course, the second time that we are actually gathered in a chinese restaurant. 

Soup Kitchen
290 Orchard Road #B1-07
Paragon S(238859)

Ritz or jap?

I think the readers of this blog (a big thank you for your continual comments and support) would probably have guessed apart for my undying ‘love’ towards chocolate chip cookies, I blog quite frequently about Japanese snacks.

I am probably one of the suckers for their neat and cool packaging – and most of the times they do deliver what they promise on the packaging – looks and taste.

that being said, I found this at this jap supermarket at katong 112

Cheese Biscuit

Close Up

I thought it reminded me of ritz bits, so I bought a small packet of it and did a comparison

Ritz Bits

Close up

now a comparison of the two:

Side by side comparison

Verdict: The Japanese biscuit has a more saltier texture to it, and the size is bigger than the normal ritz bit ( as seen). The cheese was slightly sweeter than the ritz as well. But I think I still like my ritz the best. I like ritz in that its like balanced (ok abit more to the saltier side but not as saltish as this Japanese Biscuit) of sweet and saltiness combined in a biscuit. 🙂

112 East Coast Road 
Singapore 428802


Salads & Wraps

well, before my class started, I thought I just try to ‘ta bao’ my dinner as all the shops probably closed quite late and early in CBD area.

I was just walking around and I found this shop

Front of the Shop

and I thought I try and ordered myself a Caesar Salad Wrap! .. Couldn’t wait to eat it after class ended!

my wrap

Just thought it will be a nice light dinner – especially when you are hungry around 10-11 pm that kind of timing ..

Caesar Salad Wrap!

Verdict: I would order this again! Especially when my classes run so late! I think it’s quite a full wrap – I couldn’t finish it in one sitting. The bacon bits were plentiful, as well as the egg and chicken – totally spilling out with the vegetables. What a blessed find 🙂 A recommended meal replacement especially when its in the wierd timings when carbs feel abit too much for the day, but yet, just want something to fill your stomach 🙂

Salads and Wraps
Icon Village 
12 Gopeng Street,
Singapore 078877 

Sushi Tei revisited

So we decided to take a little afternoon break from the studying (ok before I also smell a burnt out coming) and headed over to try Sushi tei !! to satisfy the sushi cravings. just for a snack before dinner

we noticed there were things different from the menu last time and ordered ourselves:


Miso Mayo Scallops



Verdict: 2/2 of us will return! everything was still the same as i remembered, only this mentai crab role was a new addition to the menu. We concluded that the mentai was abit overpowering though, it masked the whole taste of the roll.. Maybe if it was not so thick? Would have been just nice. I thought it was pretty innovative of them to pair it with finely shredded sweet potato flakes? Thought that went quite nicely alongside the whole thing.

Sushi Tei
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802

Have a tiger! (no not beer)

Don’t know if you have tried this before, but ever since i ate it on my diving trip, my soul has been sold to this biscuit for a while ( but my alligence to chocolate chip cookie will never fade 🙂 )

That being said: ta dumm!!



This is the chocolate flavoured one. They come in two flavours.
And of course:



This is the original flavoured one.

Verdict: I never expected myself to get so hooked on these biscuits but they have a distinct ‘milk malt-iness’ ( can’t find any other word to describe) , especially the original flavoured one, is not as sweet as the chocolate, and heavier in the ‘malty’ taste. 🙂 definite must have when i am having coffee or tea 🙂 given their texture, i reckon they would go quite well with milo when dipped!

Can be bought at all fairprice outlets!

Happy Father’s Day

Wonder how were all the father’s day celebration.. 🙂

We went to tung lok classics ( last minute managed to get a place) for dim sum

So we ordered


Salted Egg Yolk and shredded duck porridge


Sliced taro and Carrot cake


Teochew “fen guo”


Xiao Long Bao

And of course, dim sum is never complete without a few prawn dishes:


Har Gao


Hong You Chao Shou


Prawn Rice Rolls


Prawns on Toast?


Salted Egg Yolk Prawn

My dad decided to go ahead and order this to try for all of us:


Stone Bowl Rice (Hui fan)

And to top off the whole tung lok experience, instead of a birthday rap, they came up with a father’s day chinese poem cum rap for the fathers on the table


And what are those yellow paus??


Verdict: 4/6 of us will return- ok we didnt have much of a choice since we didn’t pre book at the restaurant that we wanted, this was one of the next available. Beggars can’t be choosers- we were grateful enough to be able to find a table at lunch peak hour

I still like the porridge – love the salted eggs and duck combination , as well as the taro shredded carrot cake- but i think maybe the chef is like on his father’s day holiday cause todays one was thicker and carrot cake was too starchy for my liking. I take my carrot cakes very seriously

According to the prawn taste tester, His most favourite prawn dish was the prawns on toast. Salted egg yolk prawn needed more salted egg yolk, the rest of the dishes were just ordinary.
I must admit the rice was pretty good! Something different from the normal fried rice but in a good way.
Kudos to the service and father’s day extra!

Tung Lok Classic
1 Tanglin Road #02-18
Orchard Parade Hotel

War of the beancurds

So i was hopping to visit a sick friend on the way home from mugging and decided to buy her and her in law something vegetarian friendly as well – i mean can’t possibly go to people’s house empty-handed right? : dau hui (豆花)otherwise known as sweet beancurd.

There was this write-up in the papers last year I think, comparing these 2 popular ‘brands’ of beancurds at old airport road.. So I thought I buy 2 of it and asked her to compare the differences …

So I bought from





Verdict: 2/2 of us concluded that, this one is less sweeter than the other, but also still as nice 🙂 Like the cute picture on the tub 🙂 However, 51 is smoother in texture, easier on the throat, but sweeter. 🙂 My sister would be inclined to 51 better than me 🙂 So i think my vote ultimately goes to …. lao ban 🙂

Lao Ban
51 Old Airport Road,
#01-127 Old Airport Road Food Centre,

51 Soya Bean
51 Old Airport Road,
#01-72 Old Airport Road Food Centre,

QQ Rice ball

Healthier cai fan(菜饭)?

I realised after working or rather hearing my stories from friends about how their colleagues enjoy eating cai fun(菜饭)/ selection rice for lunch, i would suggest a healthier and cuter cai fun 🙂

I ate this frequently as well, whenever i feel fat or just want to detox a little, i would turn to : QQ rice ball.

This place and concept was originally from taiwan, where you can only pick from different types of healthy rice ( red rice, 5 grained, purple rice, etc) mind u theres NO WHITE RICE 🙂 i like how they give you the nutrional values as well of the rice you pick, so i mean you are aware of what you put into your body. After choosing the rice,


You get to select up to 5 different ingredients! Customise your own rice ball 🙂
I would always add 30 cents more for the black pepper chicken, but i do realise somehow it just doesnt taste as nice as the first time i had it – in terms of it having lesser black pepper sauce, and some times i feel the meat is overcooked.
From the veg side, i quite like the burdock– a type of root that is full on goodness and fibre( i think)

And after adding all the goodness:


Ta dumm 🙂
Verdict: 1/1 love it 🙂 I will occasionally buy for my parents as well when I think they are eating too much 🙂 and they quite like it! amazingly!! They are quite the white rice eaters 🙂 One of my favourite healthy eating place! Super convenient to ta bao and go 🙂 maybe should try this for a change instead of cai fun 🙂

QQ Rice Ball
10 Sinaran Drive,
Novena Square 2,

Noboru Ramen

After my class, i decided to grab a quick dinner before heading off to study again 🙂 so i ate somewhere near by and decided to try this ramen place near by

As i walked in, greeted by this super friendly uncle 🙂


So i decided to go for the shio ramen, and coincidentally they were also having a ‘promotion’ for the shio ramen so ok why not

Shio ramen

Chicken gyoza

Green tea – love the way the tea bag is presented 🙂

Verdict : 0.5/1 ( maybe might return) ramen base was rich and clear – quite a skill, but egg was mehhh.. Everyone around me seemed to order the spicy and non spicy specialty ramen, namely the black based garlic ramen. Maybe i might go back just to try it..
Gyoza was not the best tasting, but to be fair, it wasn’t dry inside..
I think the friendly service made up for it nonetheless 🙂


Noboru Ramen
8 Shenton Way
AXA Tower #01-21
Singapore 068811