Fish & Co.

This place is one joint that has been around since my schooling days, and used to be one of the favourites between my friends and siblings. I remember something like if its your birthday they will sing song for you too?

We were craving for Fish&Co, especially troopie beat for her seafood platter for 1 :).         So we went there before going for our crunch studying time …

add another $5 for a complete set = why not?


Passion Fruit Tonic


Kola Tonic


Cream of Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup was the soup of the day, so we went ahead and ordered that- but the soup was so thick and sick – i didnt finish mine – and to quote troop beat “even campbell tastes better” indeed my sentiments exactly


Seafood Platter for 1

Boy was she glad she had her craving satisfied! Thumbs up to the lemon butter sauce 🙂 I love the grilled calamari 😀


Baked Salmon with Citrus Crust

I liked mine too! the crust of the salmon was crumbly and baked nicely 🙂 the cream mushroom sauce was also just nice – although i wished the mushroom was more- and the seasonal veg wished that they had indicated only carrots? -_- I mean they should put some exclamation that they are just serving carrots only or something? Why would I want to be ordering myself just a plate of carrots?

On the other hand, what really struck us was that now, ordering has become more high tech. Each table is given a ipad to place their orders, or if they felt more people oriented, they could also alternatively place orders the old school way – call the waiter to jot down what you want. But talk about keeping up with times!!!


Verdict: 2/2 of us will return to satisfy a fishy + seafood platter craving 🙂

2 Orchard Turn 
Singapore 238801

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