Ichiban Boshi

So in the end, we headed for a quick lunch break before heading back to the books again.. And troopie plonks was feeling slightly not up to par,we ended up at ichiban boshi! Japanese food to cure the sickie 🙂

So then we ordered to share between us :






Verdict: i think this place is a jap joint pretty value for its money… Affordable and fast as well( we were pretty pressed for time)… And i think what i liked from what we ordered was – the paper steam boat, salmon belly mentai sushi.
I thought the mackeral was a little overcooked, trooper claims seared tuna was not seared enough, the softshell crab handroll – my guess is the oil to fry was probably not hot enough, hence the thing came alittle oiler and big in portion than expected

Ratings: 2/2 of us will return

But if you are in novena and looking for a quick value for money meal, this us the plae to go.

ichiban boshi
238 Thomson Road
Novena Square

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