Vietnam: #1.4

Following one the massages of my life ( the masseur had really massaged the life out of me with her roughness – but the next day I really slept like a baby) .. Aunty P was in the same room as us and she was terrified they would break her bag of bones (ok sorry inside joke I just had to mention it) .. “OK” is really a universal language .. ahhaha helped me survive through the massage ..

So now that we are all ‘marinated’, its time to end off our Vietnam experience with what we came here for: our French cuisine dinner.

I must make a special mention, as quoted by Papa B, that “THIS IS THE ONLY FRENCH RESTAURANT THAT OPENS ON SUNDAY IN VIETNAM!!”

This restaurant is so nicely tucked away in the neighbourhood .. you could possibly drive pass it thinking it’s another house in the district


Courtyard dinning

Indeed it is! And thankfully for that, we managed to get a reservation here! The previous one we reserved received our reservation on Sunday but closed on Sunday? Hahaha .. what a joke .. anyway we were pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed this whole dining experience!

#1:truffle ice cream

#2 : Baked Eggs with Truffle

#3: Home made Bread

then of course, came all of our starters! the pictures below are the variety of starters that we ordered!

Nem de Fori Gras - Goose liver spring roll

This was like the melting point of 2 worlds. One bite and it totally melted in the mouth! and yet crunchy!

Asslette de Thon Cru et Fume - Raw Tuna and Smoked Tuna

Tartare of de Saumon au Fromage Frais : Tartare of salmon with Fresh Cheese

Lagsagne of Agneau - Lamb Lagsagne

This lamb didn’t have any of the lamb smell .. 🙂 delightful

Escargots de Bourgogne au Beurre - Burgundy Snails in Garlic and Parsley Butter

Poupannette de Choux au Confit de Conard Sauce Foie Gras -Cabbage Duck Sauce Goose Liver

Grilled Scallops in Butter Sauce

Coquille St Jacques Cru a I'Huile d'Olive Vanille - Raw Scallops Vanilla Oil

This is one of the best raw scallops I have eaten, apart from the Japanese style of cooking and presenting ..

Queue de Homard Barigoule - Lobster Artichoke —

Ok.. these are mostly the combinations of starters that we ordered.

This was really like truffle heaven! It was as if they harvested their own truffle! Almost every dish came with truffle, like our two amuse bush, as well as some of the mains inside (that we didn’t pick) also had loads of them!

Now the mains:

Margret de Canard a l'orange - Duck breast with orange sauce

Cuisse de conard au choux rouge confit - Duck leg confit red cabbage

Jaue de Boeuf et Foie Gras Poele - Beef Cheeks with Foie Gras

Chevreuill Sauce Venaisaon - Venaison <;;>;

Grilled beef cheeks with 2 Special sauce - mushroom and ....

Everything was just cooked to perfection. We were trying each other’s dishes .. I thought the duck confit was a little too saltish for me, the venison didn’t taste like venison – the sauce was nice, Duck Breast was moist, the beef cheeks totally melted in your mouth!

Kudos to their great service as well! We told them that we had to be at the airport by 9:00 so our dinner for us got shortened to 2 hours, instead of the usual 5 hours course. They promptly catered to our needs, being a big group of 9, and successfully executed the dishes accordingly.

We were then brought to another part of the house, to choose from their homemade cheese! Amazing!

arrays of cheeses

From the left: truffle cheese, spring onion cheese, assorted blue cheese

A huge variety and generous in sharing their pride with us! We were so stuffed and spoilt for choice with the cheese platter! we had to tell them to cut back and not give up too many so as not to waste food.

One attraction and their pride would be their imported fresh vanilla beans that you could smell the fragrance of it through the package!

Imported Vanilla Beans

Of course, dinner would be incomplete without dessert!

Foundant au Chocolat - Foundant cake 🙂

Macaron a la Creme Passions Framboise Fraiche - Macaron a la Creme Fraiche passions Rasberry

Tarte Tartin - Apple tart Upside Down

Dessert de Gils - Dils Dessert

This dessert was a house special! it was like a combination of macaroon, with a little tart taste, rasberry galore and some bits of surprises that combine the whole dessert together.

The owner as well, took out his long well stored sweet brandy that added that extra kick to all the desserts.

This was a nice sweet touch to our trip to Vietnam before heading home back to Singapore 😦

Verdict: 9/9 of us (including an elderly hip hop happening couple) will return for this dinning experience, as well as food 🙂

Trois Gourmands
18 Tong Huu Dinh Thao Dien Ward
District 2,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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