Vietnam: #1.3

Phở Phở Phở – this is a must eat when we come to Vietnam! I mean we came all the way here already, how can we go back to Singapore without trying the real pho?

As recommended by Mama P, we headed to Phở Hòa Pasteur

Front of the Shop

This ‘shop house’ has like 3 levels? at least .. and I noticed on every table they placed

Chinese Doughnuts(you char kuey), Wedding Cakes, Viet sausage

Amazing! We were led to the second level .. and Mind the stairs!! the stairways remind me of those haunted mansions and its very low and dimly lit .. But ok all for pho!

So what lies inside here?

Viet mini sausage - didn't dare to try it

I looked at every one’s expression before attempting to try this .. and after gathering all their expressions.. i think i made a good choice not to eat this

hahaha .. ok back to the real stuff now!

Raw Beef and Beef balls

The beef ball was not like starchy .. and it had that bouncy texture to it, just like the Singapore fishballs! .. and the beefiness level is alright for me – just that it’s really too MANY beef balls! The raw beef was also awesome in that it cooked quite fast in the soup as well.

Special Noodle with all kinds of Beef mixed

Beef Brisket and Raw Beef Combination

trooper pei pei mentioned how the brisket is very tender! and cooked to perfection 🙂

Some special drinks that we ordered as well:

Ice Chocolate!

This was like lieterally drinking melted chocolate! yummy and rich!

Salted Lemon Drink

For the salt lovers out there, this is your drink! It’s refreshingly saltish :p
Overall, The soup broth is very well liked by us all! and the portions are generously served! It is clear but rich! amazing how much work goes into ensuring the goodness of the broth.

Verdict: 8/9 of us will return for the pho! Just don’t look on the floor and slurp up your noodles!

Phở Hòa Pasteur
260C Pasteur Street
Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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