Ayam pengyat – Smashed Chicken??

We all finally decided to meet up – some of us have not seen each other for more than twice this year ever since the year began- and went to somewhere different from our usual normal hunts

I never knew about this place until i was brought here! Amazing how this is located in the heart of Orchard Road!!!!

The only kind of ayam pengyat aka smashed chicken ( and i stand corrected to be ayam bakar – for my whole life i mistook it as ayam pengyat- existed in food courts)And had the most unexpected surprise as to how this place blew my stomach over 🙂

We stepped into the wrong outlet at first, but ended up eventually finding the right outlet 🙂








We wanted kang kong but it was sold out! So we had the only next veg available – long beans

We were wondering if the fish was an actual whole fish and not deceitfully sliced to not piece back to form 1 whole fish : to our amazement

The fish was bbq to perfection- although troopie euni said the skin tasted like plastic- meat was nice and flavourful; a slight inclination towards the dry side though.

F.Y.I – She also mentioned how the chilli in the other shop was spicer. For low level chilli takers like me – didn’t matter because i thought it was still spicy and gulp down troopie pei pei’s bubble tea)

Verdict: 4/4 of us will return. Our favourite namely being the ayam peng itself, as well as the sotong bakar( wish that the portion was bigger) .. And to try new things on the extensive menu as well!

Becareful not to walk into the other store!

Lucky Plaza

Fish & Co.

This place is one joint that has been around since my schooling days, and used to be one of the favourites between my friends and siblings. I remember something like if its your birthday they will sing song for you too?

We were craving for Fish&Co, especially troopie beat for her seafood platter for 1 :).         So we went there before going for our crunch studying time …

add another $5 for a complete set = why not?


Passion Fruit Tonic


Kola Tonic


Cream of Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup was the soup of the day, so we went ahead and ordered that- but the soup was so thick and sick – i didnt finish mine – and to quote troop beat “even campbell tastes better” indeed my sentiments exactly


Seafood Platter for 1

Boy was she glad she had her craving satisfied! Thumbs up to the lemon butter sauce 🙂 I love the grilled calamari 😀


Baked Salmon with Citrus Crust

I liked mine too! the crust of the salmon was crumbly and baked nicely 🙂 the cream mushroom sauce was also just nice – although i wished the mushroom was more- and the seasonal veg wished that they had indicated only carrots? -_- I mean they should put some exclamation that they are just serving carrots only or something? Why would I want to be ordering myself just a plate of carrots?

On the other hand, what really struck us was that now, ordering has become more high tech. Each table is given a ipad to place their orders, or if they felt more people oriented, they could also alternatively place orders the old school way – call the waiter to jot down what you want. But talk about keeping up with times!!!


Verdict: 2/2 of us will return to satisfy a fishy + seafood platter craving 🙂

2 Orchard Turn 
Singapore 238801

Cheese biscuit???

I went to yamagawa after my class and decided to buy some snacks for myself to prep myself for my upcoming nerd camp.. So i saw this on offer and decided to give it a shot:



I don’t know what came over me to buy it.. To describe the entire taste, it tastes like chilli mixed with somethig extremely salty and sweet at the same time.. With tinge of cheese tastes -_-

I couldn’t get pass the whole thing i threw it away. Zzzz

No wonder it was in sale -_-
No more for me

6 Eu Tong Seng Street
Central, B1-28-b


We decided to meet up for a quick lunch before I had to make a run for my class that started at 2 pm.

So troopie ali suggested to go to Tonkichi for lunch to fix some japanese craving.

so we ordered :

Troopie ali ordered:


Ebi (Prawn) and Pork Tempura + Chicken Karage

Troop Beaties ordered:


Yokubari Set: Pork fillet, 2 prawn (ebi), oyster and crab croquette

I ordered:



My set came and I was pretty happy – the pork cutlet was not over fried until it was quite hard despite me ordering a leaner cut.

The whole course was finished off with coffee jelly. I thought it was pretty nice, the coffee was quite strong tasting and the white cream ‘syrup’ portion was not too sweet for liking.


Overall verdict: 1.5/3 of us will return, although we still feel its a little pricey for our comfort. .5 because I still very undecided about this place though :/

Tonkichi – Isetan Scotts
4th Level, Isetan Scotts,
350. Orchard Road, Shaw House,
Singapore 038985

Meng Kitchen 日夜小厨

I was feeling hungry and thought I call out my trooper star for a supper catch up session as well as something to fill my bottomless pit.

So headed down towards Upper Thomson and parked myself at this bah chor mee place as recommended by her ( a place that she frequented since she was a kid.)


I ordered myself the mini hot pot bah chor mee .


I was there around 12 am? and it was still a very bustling outlet – many people taking away their orders.

I like how they put in the mushrooms inside the noodles! For all those zhu you zha (pork lard) lovers, the mee pok is also soaked and mixed with them! The noodles were not too overcooked and ‘al dente’ chinese noodle style- My favourite :).


The soup was pretty light for my tasting .. but its filled with quite a heap of ingredients (meatball, sliced pork, prawn, liver, mince pork) .. Nonetheless, enjoyed it overall 🙂


Verdict: 2/2 of us will return here for the noodles!

Meng Kitchen 日夜小厨
246B Upper Thomson Road,
Thomson Garden Estate,





I went over to tioman over the weekend with trooper fairy, along with her family and friends, to do our basic open water course for diving!


Tioman was just pure fun and beautiful! Diving made me feel like fatties like me can ‘fly’. It is so different from buying a ticket to underwater world to watch and see the fishes!

So for our dinner there, we decided we were so hungry and sick of the buffet spread, we ordered extra bbq food from the restaurant next door


Assam sting ray

Salted egg yolk prawns

This 2 plates made our greedy stomachs happy!! I loved how the assam sting ray’s marinade was just so unique and different from the usual sambal style of cooking it!
The prawn taste testers were commending how shiok the prawns were and tasted really awesome!

But because it being one of the monopoly seafood shops around, just this two dishes costed 110 ringgit which is equivalent to around 55 Sgd!!! Thats pretty pricey!!

Verdict: But for the taste of it, all 8 of us will return for it if we go diving.

Paya Resort
Pulau Tioman

Beans anyone?

Mame mame edamame

Edamame is this form of soy green pea that same Japanese Restaurants in Singapore would serve as an appetizer, or you might have to order it off the menu.

It also goes well with cold beer 🙂

This next snack that i am about to introduce was found in the bottom shelves of super markets.

Last time, muji used to release this series of edamame snacks, and the price of it was inflated after it took off being introduced in the newspaper.. So in replacment of that, i found this


It comes in 5 packets, each only 99 calories!!!


And please do shake it before opening so to evenly distribute the salt throughout the biscuit! Its quite a salty fix:)

Yuzu Rice Cracker

My mum has been consciously buying her snacks and feeding me conveniently too.

So her latest hunt from her favourite japanese super market:


I like how most of the Japanese snacks are individually packaged! Totally controls the greedy people like me from over eating as well as saves so mich trouble transferring into another container!


So whats this snack that has kept our tummies craving for it over and over again?

It is actually a yuzu flavored rice cracker biscuit! Yuzu is a citrus fruit, if i had to deescribe the taste, i would say its a combination of orange and lemon 🙂 Its a little too saltish for my liking but a very addictive snack! You can just keep on eating them!

Verdict: 2/2 of us love it to bits

Shaw House
1 Scotts Road

Tai Cheong Egg Tarts

The common practice here it seems, is when a person leaves the company for good, they will treat everyone to an egg tarts or cakes. This gesture is just to show their appreciation towards their co-workers, as the term ‘shan shui bing’ is being used to express such a feeling.

That aside, I am an Egg Tart lover. I love the hong kong style of thick pastry egg tarts more than anything else, and i am glad to have found my love of my life at : Tai Cheong Bakery ( pleasantly surprised by my troopie)




Dont you think egg tarts look like sunflowers? So happy and welcoming? The best comfort food one could ever lay their hands on 🙂

Tai Cheong Bakery
32 Lyndhurst Terrace,