Vietnam: #1.2

Out next stop: Bến Thành Market 

We proceeded there to buy local goods and have a walk around to digest our full meal. We were only here for a day! so we needed to fully utilize all the time and stomach space .. But! must be on a vigilant lookout for pick pockets! Our sharp Mama P saw this checked shirt man who kept following the group and looking over our bags, pointed to us which man was it and he turned around and walked in a different direction.

As we entered in


Food! Snacks

Fresh Produce

Vietnamese Market Food stall

There are alot of touting around, so do becareful as well!  But, What a not better way to round up the market trip in the hot sweltering humid Vietnam=afternoon with

Coconut power

only complaint was that we got ripped off, and there wasnt a spoon to scoop out the flesh …

Next stop! Pho Pho!!!

Bến Thành Market
Le Loi Boulevard, District 1,
(At the junction of Ham Nghi, Le Loi and Tran Hung Dao)

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