Vietnam : #1.1

we all decided to take a trip to Vietnam!! Mama P mentioned how she went there the last time around and how awesome the French food is! Adding to that, how superbly CHEAP the French food there was and good value.

So we booked ourselves those cheap tickets and flew on Jetstar!

We were blessed to have Mama P to help us plan out the itinerary of the trip, as well as rent a bus(“Mercedes”) to bring us around, as well as make reservations for the French food. Totally trying to have a taste of what it is like to live like a millionare :p

As we got off the van, There was this fella who took his opportunity to sell us

Viet Doughnuts?

and he probably ripped us off .. but then again, whatever we are millionares (ok trying hard to comfort us) and shocked the real mama P when he tried to put his whole tray of food onto her head for a picture! hahahaha we all totally cracked up! Classic timeless expression!

Close up

It tasted like fried crispy sticky rice? it was pretty sweet as the top part of it was caramelised with hard coatings of sugar! Quite an experience indeed! first encounter with Viet street food ahhaha ..

ok proceeding on, our first meal was at this place : Nha Hang Ngon



The interior had a very villa , bangkok-ish feel mixed with alfresco style of dinning. Their kitchen was a very open kitchen concept. towards the left and right side of the entrance, was the kitchen! Each part of it was divided into Sweets/Desserts, mains, small snacks etc .. I think they were also trying to incorporate the Vietnamese street food culture into their dinning concept. You could choose from all the arrays of neatly organized snack and food nicely placed in rolls, with a few ladies handling each sections, made to order.

Spot the Vietnamese Sausage!

Viet Spring Rolls!!!


Ok enough of the kitchen! now back to the real deal .. so we all ordered :

Guava Juice

Set: vermicelli with Vietnam Sausage

Close up

I concluded Vietnamese Sausage tastes like a mixture of .. Sausage with a fish cake texture. Its not very saltish, but can’t really seem to taste the porky-ness in this particular one (not that I am complaining) .. Good try nonetheless 🙂

Broken rice with Pork Chop and Egg Cake(Omelette)

Full View

And of course, the meal cannot be complete without:

traditional Vietnamese Coffee

Viet Coffee Latte

Fried Viet Spring Rolls

We wanted the original one, but they misplaced our orders .. and we also ended up eating one of the troop’s order for herself :/ whhoops
Ok! moving on to our next destination!!!

Nha Hang Ngon
160 Pasteur St,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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