Mushroom Pot

So to pre celebrate one of the troop’s birthday, she decided to satisfy her long time hot pot craving and we went to the place she chose: Mushroom Pot. I remember hearing about this place before and reading about them on the News in the past but have never tried and stepped into it before ..

This place is not located at a very prime location in Orchard Road, but none the less upon entering, there are many newspaper write ups and awards for this place.. so made me look forward to try if this place is as good as it is being written.

Mushroom Pot

So we sat down and started ordering the steamboat buffet stuff. The soup base came very fast! And when I saw it, I was taken aback by the appearance of the soup bases.

Basic Mushroom Base. Spicy Ma La base

Upon seeing this, I was having doubts about the credibility of this place .. was going to categorise this place as a miss .. But One must never judge a book by its cover –indeed aptly described here. I had the impression that it would taste like one of the herbal concoctions where you don’t know what is inside and have only faint traces of mushroom or just one shitake mushroom just to live up to its name of a ‘mushroom pot’ .. but upon trying it, on top of adding all the ingredients, I thought I was pretty good. The spicy base was also abit too oily, but it was not like the normal kind where it was so spicy until you can’t even tell what you are eating.

1/2 of what we ordered

and of course, not forgetting .. the favourites of my troopies

Deep Fried Mantous

and the best part of this buffet is that you get to order at least 5 starters? We were so overwhelmed with food and all that we didn’t make it past ordering 5 starters… but we did like

Fried Squid with wasabi mayo

Fried Prawns * Disclaimer half of this is gone before I could take pictures of it!

I thought the sauce was really unique and goes nicely .. .. Even one of the troopie who hates mushroom with a passion, agreed and ended up liking the food too 🙂

we will return ..with more troopers 🙂

Orchard Point Outlet
OG Orchard Point, Level 4
160 Orchard Road
Singapore 238842