Market breakfast

I have been studyin through the night and thought i should go buy some breakfast for my family and i since i am up.

Whampo market had been the only market in my life that i frequent, in comparison to other markets. I grew up eating the food there since young, and do have a couple of favourite stalls that i like 🙂



These are a couple of favourite stalls my mum would buy for us for saturday mornings!

The prawn mee is always a long wait! But very fast and one of the best seller i reckon.

I always like to patronise this cantonese porridge shop. I like her pork bits and fishcake and egg porridge! I think its very smooth and just not too heavy to start the day 🙂

Ooo and its been a long while since i had chee queh!!


Verdict: will return for my porridge and prawn mee but chee queh.. Mehh i had better ones – forgot to ask for extra turnip!

whampoa market
90 whampoa drive

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