Honeymoon Dessert

So after dinner we went over to somerset 313 for a nice chinese dessert. We decided to try out this hong kong dessert place and ordered



Mango Sago with mini ahballings


Double Boiled Ginger Milk


no. 38- Mango sago with Pomelo, with additional dau hui


ginger base ah balling and sweet potato


Mango Sago with pomelo


Mango 'slushee'


Almond paste with rice dumplings

This place is such a disappointment. I didnt eat any ahballings( I mean that would be like cannibalism right? since this blog is named after that) my feedback that the troops gave me was:
Almond paste with rice dumplings – almond paste was not thick enough
The Mango dessert with mini ahballings – just horrendous in the starchiness of the dessert overall
The ginger base ah balling and sweet potato – was too spicy for liking
The only enjoyables were the mango sago with beancurd and the double boiled ginger milk
The rest of the dessserts were a flop. My mango slushie came with too much ice bits – subtle mango taste

Verdict: 2/8 of us may return. Majority of us : Disappointed. Looks like being brought over to Singapore didn’t make its cut.

P.s kudos to mr kwel for helping me in taking the pictures 🙂
Honeymoon dessert
313 Orchard Road
Unit #04-20 and #04-32

Singapore (238895)

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