Honeymoon Dessert

So after dinner we went over to somerset 313 for a nice chinese dessert. We decided to try out this hong kong dessert place and ordered



Mango Sago with mini ahballings


Double Boiled Ginger Milk


no. 38- Mango sago with Pomelo, with additional dau hui


ginger base ah balling and sweet potato


Mango Sago with pomelo


Mango 'slushee'


Almond paste with rice dumplings

This place is such a disappointment. I didnt eat any ahballings( I mean that would be like cannibalism right? since this blog is named after that) my feedback that the troops gave me was:
Almond paste with rice dumplings – almond paste was not thick enough
The Mango dessert with mini ahballings – just horrendous in the starchiness of the dessert overall
The ginger base ah balling and sweet potato – was too spicy for liking
The only enjoyables were the mango sago with beancurd and the double boiled ginger milk
The rest of the dessserts were a flop. My mango slushie came with too much ice bits – subtle mango taste

Verdict: 2/8 of us may return. Majority of us : Disappointed. Looks like being brought over to Singapore didn’t make its cut.

P.s kudos to mr kwel for helping me in taking the pictures 🙂
Honeymoon dessert
313 Orchard Road
Unit #04-20 and #04-32

Singapore (238895)

Ju Shin Jung

After completing the Nike run, my team magix and I, together with close friends went ahead to this korean place to compensate for the 5km ++ that we ran … I was uber hungry, and so was my friends as well .. and just couldnt wait to devour everything that came! I came here the last time around, together with my other trooper as her korean teacher brought her here, together with some of her korean classmates, to let them practice their korean by insisting each of them order a dish in Korean. She then brought us back there and we wacked everything. I think this is one of my favourite Korean Restaurants in Singapore – can’t seem to find any nicer one apart from this one

Our Side dishes

BBq Beef

Beef Steak 🙂

Pork belly Chigae

Talk about good service, this place rawks socks.

She laid it out for us sitting near the BBQ pit


Steamed Egg (Large)


and to end off the meal,


Verdict: 7/7 of us will definitely return to this place! Service is awesome! Additionally, food is just, to me one of the better Korean restaurants in Singapore.

Ju Shin Jung
1018 East Coast Parkway
#02-01 Tennis Center
Singapore 449877