Sin Heng Claypot Bah Kuet Teh

So my friend was craving to eat liver .. so on the way to sending her home, we decided in the name of being spontaneous, to go try this bah kuet teh.


She mentioned that its a place that shes been patronizing since young, thus she really knows the people there. Claypots! Must be like their signature style ..! interesting because most of the bah kuet teh that I have eaten doesn’t seem to come in this style .. so of course, left ther ordering to the familiar one 🙂

Herbal Bah Kuet Teh with Liver and Stomach

Salted Vegtables "cai bueh"

you zhar kueh

we were too stuffed from all the junk we have been (ok more I have been) eating from a friend’s house nearby .. ahahah and personally, I don’t really like the herbal based kinda bah kuet teh ..
Glad my friend satisfied her craving! She also mentioned how she have friends living in the west that would drive down specially to eat this stall of bah kuet teh!

Verdict: 1/2 of us will return! I wont come back but to all the people who like herbal bah kuet teh base, do give this place a shot!

Sin Heng Claypot Bah Kuet Teh
439 Joo Chiat Road