Pu Tien Restaurant 莆田菜馆 (Kitchener Road)

My dad went out to eat with the brokers, and brought them to my parent’s new favourite shanghainese place: Pu Tien. My parents have been raving about how good the food is and how they enjoy it much, although my siblings and I haven’t tried it.
My dad took away what he thought was the signature of the restaurant .. and it came out very yummy 🙂

Pu Tien

Man Tous

Shredded Pork

Ta Dum! end result

Verdict: 3/3 of us will come ( the 2 being regular patrions already) this mantou was really good! (and oily) but would look forward to going to the restaurant to check it out 🙂


Pu Tien Restaurant 莆田菜馆 (Kitchener Road)
127 Kitchener Road,
Desker Road Conservation Area,

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