Vietnam: #1.2

Out next stop: Bến Thành Market 

We proceeded there to buy local goods and have a walk around to digest our full meal. We were only here for a day! so we needed to fully utilize all the time and stomach space .. But! must be on a vigilant lookout for pick pockets! Our sharp Mama P saw this checked shirt man who kept following the group and looking over our bags, pointed to us which man was it and he turned around and walked in a different direction.

As we entered in


Food! Snacks

Fresh Produce

Vietnamese Market Food stall

There are alot of touting around, so do becareful as well!  But, What a not better way to round up the market trip in the hot sweltering humid Vietnam=afternoon with

Coconut power

only complaint was that we got ripped off, and there wasnt a spoon to scoop out the flesh …

Next stop! Pho Pho!!!

Bến Thành Market
Le Loi Boulevard, District 1,
(At the junction of Ham Nghi, Le Loi and Tran Hung Dao)

Vietnam : #1.1

we all decided to take a trip to Vietnam!! Mama P mentioned how she went there the last time around and how awesome the French food is! Adding to that, how superbly CHEAP the French food there was and good value.

So we booked ourselves those cheap tickets and flew on Jetstar!

We were blessed to have Mama P to help us plan out the itinerary of the trip, as well as rent a bus(“Mercedes”) to bring us around, as well as make reservations for the French food. Totally trying to have a taste of what it is like to live like a millionare :p

As we got off the van, There was this fella who took his opportunity to sell us

Viet Doughnuts?

and he probably ripped us off .. but then again, whatever we are millionares (ok trying hard to comfort us) and shocked the real mama P when he tried to put his whole tray of food onto her head for a picture! hahahaha we all totally cracked up! Classic timeless expression!

Close up

It tasted like fried crispy sticky rice? it was pretty sweet as the top part of it was caramelised with hard coatings of sugar! Quite an experience indeed! first encounter with Viet street food ahhaha ..

ok proceeding on, our first meal was at this place : Nha Hang Ngon



The interior had a very villa , bangkok-ish feel mixed with alfresco style of dinning. Their kitchen was a very open kitchen concept. towards the left and right side of the entrance, was the kitchen! Each part of it was divided into Sweets/Desserts, mains, small snacks etc .. I think they were also trying to incorporate the Vietnamese street food culture into their dinning concept. You could choose from all the arrays of neatly organized snack and food nicely placed in rolls, with a few ladies handling each sections, made to order.

Spot the Vietnamese Sausage!

Viet Spring Rolls!!!


Ok enough of the kitchen! now back to the real deal .. so we all ordered :

Guava Juice

Set: vermicelli with Vietnam Sausage

Close up

I concluded Vietnamese Sausage tastes like a mixture of .. Sausage with a fish cake texture. Its not very saltish, but can’t really seem to taste the porky-ness in this particular one (not that I am complaining) .. Good try nonetheless 🙂

Broken rice with Pork Chop and Egg Cake(Omelette)

Full View

And of course, the meal cannot be complete without:

traditional Vietnamese Coffee

Viet Coffee Latte

Fried Viet Spring Rolls

We wanted the original one, but they misplaced our orders .. and we also ended up eating one of the troop’s order for herself :/ whhoops
Ok! moving on to our next destination!!!

Nha Hang Ngon
160 Pasteur St,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Mushroom Pot

So to pre celebrate one of the troop’s birthday, she decided to satisfy her long time hot pot craving and we went to the place she chose: Mushroom Pot. I remember hearing about this place before and reading about them on the News in the past but have never tried and stepped into it before ..

This place is not located at a very prime location in Orchard Road, but none the less upon entering, there are many newspaper write ups and awards for this place.. so made me look forward to try if this place is as good as it is being written.

Mushroom Pot

So we sat down and started ordering the steamboat buffet stuff. The soup base came very fast! And when I saw it, I was taken aback by the appearance of the soup bases.

Basic Mushroom Base. Spicy Ma La base

Upon seeing this, I was having doubts about the credibility of this place .. was going to categorise this place as a miss .. But One must never judge a book by its cover –indeed aptly described here. I had the impression that it would taste like one of the herbal concoctions where you don’t know what is inside and have only faint traces of mushroom or just one shitake mushroom just to live up to its name of a ‘mushroom pot’ .. but upon trying it, on top of adding all the ingredients, I thought I was pretty good. The spicy base was also abit too oily, but it was not like the normal kind where it was so spicy until you can’t even tell what you are eating.

1/2 of what we ordered

and of course, not forgetting .. the favourites of my troopies

Deep Fried Mantous

and the best part of this buffet is that you get to order at least 5 starters? We were so overwhelmed with food and all that we didn’t make it past ordering 5 starters… but we did like

Fried Squid with wasabi mayo

Fried Prawns * Disclaimer half of this is gone before I could take pictures of it!

I thought the sauce was really unique and goes nicely .. .. Even one of the troopie who hates mushroom with a passion, agreed and ended up liking the food too 🙂

we will return ..with more troopers 🙂

Orchard Point Outlet
OG Orchard Point, Level 4
160 Orchard Road
Singapore 238842

Market breakfast

I have been studyin through the night and thought i should go buy some breakfast for my family and i since i am up.

Whampo market had been the only market in my life that i frequent, in comparison to other markets. I grew up eating the food there since young, and do have a couple of favourite stalls that i like 🙂



These are a couple of favourite stalls my mum would buy for us for saturday mornings!

The prawn mee is always a long wait! But very fast and one of the best seller i reckon.

I always like to patronise this cantonese porridge shop. I like her pork bits and fishcake and egg porridge! I think its very smooth and just not too heavy to start the day 🙂

Ooo and its been a long while since i had chee queh!!


Verdict: will return for my porridge and prawn mee but chee queh.. Mehh i had better ones – forgot to ask for extra turnip!

whampoa market
90 whampoa drive

Honeymoon Dessert

So after dinner we went over to somerset 313 for a nice chinese dessert. We decided to try out this hong kong dessert place and ordered



Mango Sago with mini ahballings


Double Boiled Ginger Milk


no. 38- Mango sago with Pomelo, with additional dau hui


ginger base ah balling and sweet potato


Mango Sago with pomelo


Mango 'slushee'


Almond paste with rice dumplings

This place is such a disappointment. I didnt eat any ahballings( I mean that would be like cannibalism right? since this blog is named after that) my feedback that the troops gave me was:
Almond paste with rice dumplings – almond paste was not thick enough
The Mango dessert with mini ahballings – just horrendous in the starchiness of the dessert overall
The ginger base ah balling and sweet potato – was too spicy for liking
The only enjoyables were the mango sago with beancurd and the double boiled ginger milk
The rest of the dessserts were a flop. My mango slushie came with too much ice bits – subtle mango taste

Verdict: 2/8 of us may return. Majority of us : Disappointed. Looks like being brought over to Singapore didn’t make its cut.

P.s kudos to mr kwel for helping me in taking the pictures 🙂
Honeymoon dessert
313 Orchard Road
Unit #04-20 and #04-32

Singapore (238895)

Ju Shin Jung

After completing the Nike run, my team magix and I, together with close friends went ahead to this korean place to compensate for the 5km ++ that we ran … I was uber hungry, and so was my friends as well .. and just couldnt wait to devour everything that came! I came here the last time around, together with my other trooper as her korean teacher brought her here, together with some of her korean classmates, to let them practice their korean by insisting each of them order a dish in Korean. She then brought us back there and we wacked everything. I think this is one of my favourite Korean Restaurants in Singapore – can’t seem to find any nicer one apart from this one

Our Side dishes

BBq Beef

Beef Steak 🙂

Pork belly Chigae

Talk about good service, this place rawks socks.

She laid it out for us sitting near the BBQ pit


Steamed Egg (Large)


and to end off the meal,


Verdict: 7/7 of us will definitely return to this place! Service is awesome! Additionally, food is just, to me one of the better Korean restaurants in Singapore.

Ju Shin Jung
1018 East Coast Parkway
#02-01 Tennis Center
Singapore 449877

Sin Heng Claypot Bah Kuet Teh

So my friend was craving to eat liver .. so on the way to sending her home, we decided in the name of being spontaneous, to go try this bah kuet teh.


She mentioned that its a place that shes been patronizing since young, thus she really knows the people there. Claypots! Must be like their signature style ..! interesting because most of the bah kuet teh that I have eaten doesn’t seem to come in this style .. so of course, left ther ordering to the familiar one 🙂

Herbal Bah Kuet Teh with Liver and Stomach

Salted Vegtables "cai bueh"

you zhar kueh

we were too stuffed from all the junk we have been (ok more I have been) eating from a friend’s house nearby .. ahahah and personally, I don’t really like the herbal based kinda bah kuet teh ..
Glad my friend satisfied her craving! She also mentioned how she have friends living in the west that would drive down specially to eat this stall of bah kuet teh!

Verdict: 1/2 of us will return! I wont come back but to all the people who like herbal bah kuet teh base, do give this place a shot!

Sin Heng Claypot Bah Kuet Teh
439 Joo Chiat Road

Pu Tien Restaurant 莆田菜馆 (Kitchener Road)

My dad went out to eat with the brokers, and brought them to my parent’s new favourite shanghainese place: Pu Tien. My parents have been raving about how good the food is and how they enjoy it much, although my siblings and I haven’t tried it.
My dad took away what he thought was the signature of the restaurant .. and it came out very yummy 🙂

Pu Tien

Man Tous

Shredded Pork

Ta Dum! end result

Verdict: 3/3 of us will come ( the 2 being regular patrions already) this mantou was really good! (and oily) but would look forward to going to the restaurant to check it out 🙂


Pu Tien Restaurant 莆田菜馆 (Kitchener Road)
127 Kitchener Road,
Desker Road Conservation Area,


We decided to go check out Prive because my bestie knew I have been wanting to go there for quite a while.. And since I had the car that day, why not? 🙂

We took a while to find the place eventually because we were too engrossed talking and didn’t pay attention to google maps, so half the time we were going up wrong exits and flyovers before finally reaching!

Upon driving in, the dock and view was pretty! It was as if this part of singapore didn’t exist, we felt like we were in a different country altogether

We heade there and seeing that the weather was good, we sat outside.








View once again


Her Prawn Bisque


Straight Cut Fries with Truffle Mayo


Prawn Wantons inside!!!


My Prive Signature Mushroom Soup


Her Eggs Benny!


My Eggs Royale

I would totally return for the ambience, the meal was so filling – we out did ourselves again.
I just wished the fries were shoe string instead of straight cut ( personal preference) and loved the truffle mayo- something different
The hollandaise was buttery on the first bite, and super rich as you take a few more bites. The rockets in its natural form helped balanced out the richness of the sauce. One thing i liked about my eggs were that I could have sworn they used some different eggs from the normal brunch hunts around. The yolk was bigger and had more texture in comparison to most other types of eggs in other plates of brunch places that always end up shriveled and drowned in hollandaise sauce.
We would return to try the dessert as well, and the best part was, the second order of eggs benny or eggs royale was 50% off!! But dbs credit card promotion!!

Verdict: 2/2 of us will definitely return for a eggs benny crave! My new favourite place 🙂

2 Keppel Bay Vista
Singapore 098382