Group therapy

So we decided to in the spirit of impromptu ness, we went to try one of the food at dempsey, which i have been hearig pretty good ravings

The place is nicely dec-ed out in a very causual setting.. It kind of reminds me of the cafe that the sitcom FRIENDS, that they always patronise to some extent.
Nice place to people watch
We went ahead and ordered




I would return to try the other things on the menu. I think my drink would have tasted nicer if there was some chocolate or butter scorch syrup added.. Because it tasted like ice blended rum and raisin ice cream. The pasta had truffle oil but i dont know whether its because of my drink that i could not taste any of it, or that the dish itself perhaps didnt have as much truffle oil as i thought it would have had.
My friend totally enjoyed her eggs bene on thick toast! They were very generous with their hollandaise sauce!

Ratings: 2 of us will return- I feel cheated mine didnt turn out as well, but i loved how this is nicely tucked in behind cbd area and perhaps better luck in choosing something better

Group Therapy
49 Duxton Road

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