Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ (Novena Ville)

So the troops suggested going for a korean bbq buffet instead of the norm (pretty off to a good start this year, we have been quite adventurous) .. I had a quite ‘hhmmmzz’ moment because I thought it would end up like another seoul garden or those student food kind of buffet with loads and loads of already marinated meat that after a while tasted all the same.

Chicken wings and vermicelli

Kimchi. Corn

BBQ meat

Of all the meat cuts, I think I like the short ribs the best. But nonetheless, this place is pretty good for its price. The queue seems to be never ending .. Even after we left (about 9:30) there were still people queueing up to get a place!

the staff were very efficient in clearing the aluminum foil each time it charred.

Verdict: 4/4 of us will return because its so value for money, as well as the staff had efficient service

Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ (Novena Ville)
275 Thomson Road,
#01-01/02 Novena Ville,


So we went to check out this new ice cream place near another friend’s house. She kindly bought 1 tub of sea salt caramel – and i kept it in my secret hiding place in the freezer away from everyone so i could enjoy it :p ( ok mainly my maid who has been ‘fighting’ with me for the last bit of snacks around my healthy house)

So when we arrived, we decided we would try on different flavours. I took yoghurt and she tool double chocolate. I thought it was pretty not bad, its quite creamy 🙂 i liked it 🙂




28 clementi road


We all decided we would meet up over dinner – it has been such a long while since we saw each other, so a friend suggested thai food, and hence we went to al roy.

Its my first time dinning there, and i was very impressed by the taste and variations of thai food that was available. Would definitely return here and bring friends to try too!








We were all stuffed from this meal but goodness! Its one of the best thai food I have eaten so far this year!
The tom yum soup – is authentic Tom yum because according to my friend, she said in thailand their Tom Yum soup is clear based.
The stuffed chicken wings were huge! I enjoyed the pad thai and the vegetable, fried with belly pork, how wrong can it go? Awesomeness! But the most favourite dish of all, was the coconut Otah! That one was a super stunner(in a good way) and blew our minds off totally! 🙂

109 North Bridge Road
#04-06 Funan Digital lifecenter

High Society Cafe

We walked around MBS before waiting for our thai dinner.. And decided to go with something sweet since we were both feeling up to it

We thought we try what we couldnt get in town, so we went to High Society Cafe and ordered:

A strawberry shortcake to share, and also


A nice change in environment. Cake was not bad . Maybe might come back. Lychee tea was also good – but i found them doused in too much syrup I didn’t even dare to stir much of the bottom

High Society Cafe
10 Bayfront Avenue
The Shoppes @Marina Bay Sands

Group therapy

So we decided to in the spirit of impromptu ness, we went to try one of the food at dempsey, which i have been hearig pretty good ravings

The place is nicely dec-ed out in a very causual setting.. It kind of reminds me of the cafe that the sitcom FRIENDS, that they always patronise to some extent.
Nice place to people watch
We went ahead and ordered




I would return to try the other things on the menu. I think my drink would have tasted nicer if there was some chocolate or butter scorch syrup added.. Because it tasted like ice blended rum and raisin ice cream. The pasta had truffle oil but i dont know whether its because of my drink that i could not taste any of it, or that the dish itself perhaps didnt have as much truffle oil as i thought it would have had.
My friend totally enjoyed her eggs bene on thick toast! They were very generous with their hollandaise sauce!

Ratings: 2 of us will return- I feel cheated mine didnt turn out as well, but i loved how this is nicely tucked in behind cbd area and perhaps better luck in choosing something better

Group Therapy
49 Duxton Road


Decided to take away pizza instead and chillax over at a friend’s house with a few bottles of chilled moscatos that we purchased from triple one.
[*disclaimer please don’t drink and drive!! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ-]

Ok so we went to hillcrest and took out pizza from pepperonis
Our stash from below:



Funghi Pizza


Rockets and Parma ham

And of course, we cant forget this food that played a part in our childhood years of eating Mac Donalds: Shaker Fries!!!!!


Shaker Fries : Seaweed flavour

6 Greenwood Avenue, 
Hillcrest Park, Singapore 


So we went to Arbite.. a change of our usual hangout spots .. 🙂
I can’t remember where I read from, but if I am not wrong, the chef here used to work in Michelangelos and thus this place prides itself in handmade fresh pasta .. so looking forward to it!!!  🙂
I dont think we were disappointed 🙂


mushroom soup


Carrot Cake


Pappardelle with mushrooms and parma ham


Tagliatelle with prawns aglio olio

I would return to try the other things on the menu.
The pasta was pretty good. Cooked al dente and the sauce was not too overpowering as well. I just finished up everything on the plate.
The place is quite a quiet hangout place to be, and the staff was very meticulous in attending and clearing our plates as well.

66 Serangoon Garden Way  
Serangoon Garden Estate, Singapore 555962

Shirokane Tori-Tama Singapore

We were going to have a great dinner to unwind and meet up with the rest of the dolls for some easy drinking.

So mama brought me to her favourite yakitori place that she swears by.

Looking at the menu, its a unique concept that this restaurant specialises and prides itself in chicken related dishes , e.g. chicken liver, breast, heart .. etc … I meant it as its pretty rare to be able to find a chicken centered yakitori place around in Singapore (well to me that is) and Indeed quite an egg-perience (ok lame)

we ordered to share between the two of us

Chicken soup

and of course not forgetting

Chicken liver, Asparagus, Chicken with leek, Stuffed Chicken breast

I think what was the most amazing dish of the night was

yakitori chicken special don

yummers will be back for this special rice

Ratings: 2/2 of us will return here! For me personally for this special chicken on rice 🙂

Shirokane Tori-Tama Singapore
11 Unity Street,
#01-02 Robertson Walk,


My dear bestie decided to cheer me up after performing so shit on my exams, so we decided to head over the Ann Siang to try out this steak place. But when we headed over there, there was such a long queue and the next available table might be at 9? So we walked over to the Duxton branch and tried our luck .. And we managed to get a table!! 🙂

Foie Gras Terrine

Salad tossed in balsamic vinegar and walnuts

L’Entrecote : Steak with secret sauce

This indeed cheered me up!!! I quite liked the place and dish .. the sauce had hints of curry powder, mustardy .. But it all went well together. The beef was nicely cooked, and interesting way to present the steak – well something different from the usual.
There was also a welcome drink .
i personally will stick to normal pan fried foie gras and I am just not used to the terrine taste.
the desserts- i guess their forte is just at steaks ..


Crepe Suzette

This totally cheered me up nonetheless.. appreciate her for being here for me 🙂

Ratings: 2/2 of us will return here!!:)

36 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089614