Shinjuku Izakaya

So our second stop ( and last stop for the night) we went across the road, into this Japanese style sliding door restaurant. It turns out to be a Izakaya – again the crowd is all Japanese (not complaining – i mean the best part is that you can just talk about your own circle of things without worrying and seeing a familiar face around) and the old lady that attended to us was very friendly and gave us table right inside. It was those table where you had to take off your shoes and enter! *mini gush Japanese moment!!!*

the whole menu was in Japanese( all the lessons paid off) and their english menu was pretty limited .. but good thing we have Japanese proficient people around, so we managed to get some orders rolling! I must say this place seem very close to Japan in terms of, what they offered on the menu, is really what you can find in Japan!!! and not very common in the Japanese restaurants around Singapore

Mini uni don and miso soup

Close up of the mini uni don

Potato Salad

All we ordered so far .. Spot the Oden? and the other exciting Japanese dish..

We ordered FISH SPERMs!!! yes! this is very unique to Japanese dinning! I tried it on my Japan trip and I mistook it as tofu before the Japanese traders told me it was actually fish sperm! it the one right at the top right corner, looks like toufu brain .. but it tastes heavenly! something different.. its very soft and goes well with the sauce!

Spot the Ika butter? andd!! the most authentic Japanese dish - Fish sperm

the ika butter was a disappointment to me .. the squid was tough .. I think the better Ika butter would be the one at Nijimaru instead.. but other than that, the other food made up for it

Blueberry flavoured and Mango Flavoured alcohol

this to round off the whole experience!
Would definitely come back when I feel like having a bit of a “i want to experience Japan moment”

Ratings: 5/5 of us will return to this quaint little joint

Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant
22 Cavenagh Road,
GF Hotel Grand Central,

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