Food trail

We all decided we will unwind a little and embarked on a ‘food trail’ at Cuppage – its like Singapore’s mini Japan heaven ..  So i met one of them first .. while waiting for the rest to arrive, we walked around and found this small corner yakitori shop that only seemed to have Japanese patrons. So we entered (all the Japanese classes paid off) they had menus in English as well .. So while waiting for the rest to come from work, we ordered

Fried Pigeon eggs

Yummers! this was good! not too over fried and oily!  ..  My friends that came later ordered this and loved it as well 🙂

Chicken and Leek, Gyu (Beef) Tan (Tongue)

I thought the gyu tan was quite interestingly cut .. I was used to it being in cube or in a thicker cut .. but this place sliced it which is pretty smart and good. Usually the gyu tan if eaten in cubes, always have that tendency to be over hard and over cooked, this sliced up version was executed and I thought was well thought of.

Our friends arrived! so the party started. ..

Pork Belly with leek

This was also nice.. the fat and meat ratio balanced out well .. especially nicer when dipped in mustard they provided! 🙂

Tako yakitori

I ordered this and this didn’t really turn out to my expectations .. It was a little tough to bite and abit over burnt – like I felt i was eating rubber .. good try but I don’t think I will order my takos in this style of cooking again

Chicken Jagaimo

This was a chicken stew (usually its beef) so i thought give it a shot. Came out not too bad! not too saltish as well

Zou sui

My friend felt like eating porridge. It was rare because the more she ate, the hungrier she got.. so we encouraged her nonetheless! ahhaha .. and it all got polished off eventually (not by her though :/) so it was pretty good .. a little blend  but not bad ..

assortments of yakitori: special pork, chicken and leek, asparagus

We continued ordering more yakitori! and it all was good! I would return for the special pork, pigeon eggs, chicken and leek .
I think they were pretty short handed, as there was only 1 girl to attend to the whole shop, while the chefs were behind bbq-ing the sticks. It felt as if I was back in Japan and entering into the yakitori bar with all the smoke and OLs, salarymen chillaxing over a beer and enjoying their yakitoris.

This place has a limited sitting.. and most of the seats are around the bbq counter .. so be prepared to come out smelling like a yakitori stick yourself!

but.. we didn’t stop there and hopped on to another joint .. 🙂

150 Orchard Road
Orchard Plaza

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