Imperial Treasure Peking Duck

Its my group’s tradition that Every New Year we meet up for our own reunion dinner, and always at the same place ( well out of 3 years, 2 years it has been the same) Super Imperial Peking Duck. This is the time when we celebrate our own form of new year, talk about our relatives, ang pao collections.. but of course this year is different because we are inching close to the day that my close friend is getting married!!! and all of us are going to be the bridesmaids!!!

ok that aside, the most important dish of the night : (we had to book this place in advance a few weeks before being able to secure a place because of the festive season)

Peking Duck

hello precious

i like how they make their own skin? and the consistency of the skin’s thickness is there! it has a little of a floury aftertaste (which i quite like)

yu sheng

tossing of yusheng for the more than 4th time – all the goodness of the yu sheng please come true this year! more bags and money and bfs!

Salted Egg Yolk Prawns

This is a must order .. All the prawn testers (ok only me that don’t eat it) said it was awesome! so kudos to that!

roast pork

I have high standards for my roast pork ( I mean since my mum can roast her own pork from scratch as well) I like how this cut of meat is nicely evened out . The skin is thin and crispy and there are slightly more meat than fats .. 🙂

Crab roe Noodles

This noodles were alright .. didn’t come as the one that was expected, but nonetheless i think we were also too full to stomach more food. Since the wedding was round the corner and we were quite conscious (ok not really) about stuffing our faces.

and before the night ended, my friend offered us her wedding cake or the bridal cake (xi bing) that she picked up .

teochew style

but i think we were all too full for it .. :/

Super imperial peking duck .. why do i have a hunch that visiting this place will not be limited to a yearly affair …

Ratings: 7/7 will return 🙂

Super Imperial Peking Duck
290 Orchard Road,
The Paragon

Smitten…by the Patissier

So since my little sister is back, I decided to pamper her a little and also want to try it out since it has been around for a while .. Well i do like the cakes from the Pattiser – they have been my family member’s birthday cakes for a few years and counting ..

I ordered home :

Banana Chocolate Meringue roll


meringue roulade: passionfruit mousse, and fresh mangoes and strawberries.

I didnt think well of it .. I think by the time I brought it home, it was super nua-ed .. and like .. I think I will just stick to ordering the normal meringue cake. My sis also didn’t think well about the banana chocolate – i thought it was good though :/ at least the meringue part was not soften ..

Ratings: 2/2 people will not return to try it

Smitten…by the Patissier
Takashimaya Food Hall
Ngee Ann City #B2
391 Orchard Rd


40 Hands

So the siblings and i decided to go check out the upcoming chillax places at tiong bahru area to source out other new branch alternatives ..
We chanced upon 40 Hands and decided to give it a go ..



My Mocha - delightful


Eggs Benedict


Salmon Cream and Bread


Extra Order of Fries

I think overall my order was the best – not saying that it was super spectacular. The Hollandaise was little.My sister’s Salmon Cream bread thingy – her salmon was way fishy and it just spoilt the whole sauce .. My brother didn’t really enjoy his americano coffee, as well as his set :/

so i guess this is a miss ..
but i think maybe i would want to come back for the ambience and would like to try the other things on the menu instead ..

Ratings: 2/3 will not return

Fukuoka #7.3

So to round off my trip, We were disappointed earlier that in Saga, we couldn’t get beef .. so we decided we should at least have a meal that ends with beef. We were waitlisted for 1 hour ++ because this place was SO FULL!! and I must say, although we were quite hungry and irritated to have to wait so long for the table, the wait was well worth!

Ningyocho Imahan

we all went for the sukiyaki set. I really do admire the Japanese in their patience and pride in making a type of cuisine so refined and everything is broken down into steps that probably have been well thought out and practiced over the years.

Huge chawamushi


We chose a set that included premium and normal beef.

Premium beef

Normal beef - melts in the mouth supers

Wordy toufu looking thing is handmade gluten

Goodness *slurps

This is a picture of the normal beef. IT MELTS IN THE MOUTH! literally! even uploading this picture makes my mouth water thinking of it … We were so pleasantly surprised, squealed with excitement and gave the server a shock hahaha in the process. The normal beef had such high standards.. the premium beef! we can’t wait to try it!

Look at the marbling in the beefie man!!!!!

All good things must always come to an end .. we slowly devoured all our beef .. and with the remaining eggs, the lady poured it into the pan, and cracked a few more as well .. thus looking like :

At the end of the sukiyaki course, egg is being poured into the pan, cooked in the essence of what was left from the whole cours

Then .. all is not wasted as there are beef essence (we also kept some meat to last us till the end when the rice came! Each precious piece! The lady must have thought we were crazy or something! hahahaha ..

remaining sauce is cooked with egg and poured ontop of rice 🙂

mixed together to become :


A totally enjoyable and unforgettable meal! I must say this was one of the best highlights of the trip! Nonetheless, look forward to return again in future, and re visit some of the places!

Ningyocho Imahan
JR Hakata
shiteiamyupuraza Hakata
9F, 1-1, Hakataekichuogai,
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi,
Fukuoka, 812-0012 


Whenever we reach a food basement, My brother will drag me around (because I can speak basic Japanese) and ask me to ask the sales person if they sold his favourite Warabi mochi. Warabi Mochi, as explained by wiki, is is not a true mochi but a jelly-like confection made from bracken starch and covered or dipped in kinako (sweet toasted soybean flour). It is popular in the summertime, especially in the Kansai region and Okinawa and often sold from trucks, similar to an ice cream truck in Western countries.

Throughout this whole trip, I think he couldn’t be happier when He himself spotted his favourite, while we were waiting for a table for a good dinner at Hakata Station.


and of course not forgetting:

Green Tea Warabi mochi

The mochi monster was so happy, he ordered another (well he ate up my mum’s portion)  … So i guess that being said, this place rocks socks to him.

JR Hakata
shiteiamyupuraza Hakata
9F, 1-1, Hakataekichuogai,
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi,
Fukuoka, 812-0012

Fukuoka #7.1

So today would be my last day to be in Fukuoka because I have to return to Singapore for lessons. So I suggested going into tenjin, to check out the underground shopping mall! as well as the other food basements!

We hopped around from Daimaru to Loft, to 3 other food basements and found :

Guess what this is!! - the sticker on the top right hand corner says Happy New Year

Katsu sando whichi!!!!

Ever Since my previous Japan Holiday, and the influence of my brother, Chestnut Cream Cakes have been the icings to our Japan trips! They have the best most natural cream and everything about it is just so super!

Chestnut Cream Cake

Spotted this! The Japanese takes their mentai very seriously! Spotted this at the underground shopping Center

A special shop that takes mentai orders operating like a travel agency

Fukuoka #6.1

We went to have a look at the porcelain museum up at Arita, In Saga Perfecture, and at the same time visit ドイツドレスデンにあるツヴィンガー宮殿 ( Zwinger Palace). This place reminds me of the comic that I read, which also subsequently came up with the manga series called Black Butler (黒執事 Kuroshitsuji) The setting reminded me of how Ciel Phantomhive’s house looked like .. like a real life version of it .. hahaha.. for that moment



Very scenic and amazing how they managed to preserve this place for such a long time!
We walked around the Ceramics section and food section, bought some snacks to bring back to Singapore .. then, of course it was time for lunch! We drove frantically around, to try to find a place that was still open for lunch, before chancing upon this place called Ifudoudou(威風堂々). I am not trying to be funny here but the place is really called that!


beansprout ramen

black seared ramen


fried rice

char siew rice

Over all, this ramen is really not bad! In comparison to the previous one at Oita , This one beats it hands down .. Comparatively to ichi ran, its different in style? Upon conversing with the shop owner, it turns out that this guy represented the whole of kyushu to come to Isetan in Singapore to promote his Ramen! He said he loved Singapore and was very helpful in navigating us to our next destination.

One thing about the countryside people here in Japan that I realised, they are really friendly and helpful in giving directions, to really going all the way to assist you, even if it means they have to act out what they really mean.

佐賀県 844-0027
(I couldnt find an English Address)