Fukuoka Day #4.1

We have been enjoying ourselves in soaking in the onsen (I love the outside one, its like soaking in your own backyard. Especially at night, there are so many stars that light up the beautiful night sky! and as much as i hate to admit it, but the countryside air is really fresh!)

Overview of breakfast #3

dish #1 : raw egg'

plate just to throw the egg shells! Brilliant Japanese!!!

ta daa the result of the raw egg mixed with soy sauce - totally takes away the eggy taste of raw eggs

dish #2: seaweed mixed with carrots, konyaku

dish #3: grilled smoked mackerel

dish #4: salad with raw onions and funny vegetables

dish #5: hot toufu with red miso dipping sauce

dish #6: pickles

dsh #7 beef!!!

dish # 8 nua nua ikan bilis

dish #9 : slimy wildmushrooms with miso soup

and then we set off towards the Volcano, Mt Aso …

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