Fukuoka #4.3

So we rushed back for dinner almost couldnt make it in time – thankfully for my dad who sped back all the way worried that the roads would get slippery when all the ice formed. The ryokan woman was also very worried for us because we came back so late. We were comforted with good dinner!

dish #1 anchovies, picked raddish, black sweet beans

dish #2 : magurou and tai sashimi
love the plate

dish #3 - chayamushi

with ginger ontop

inside hidden a doubled layer toufu - egg and toufu chawamushi! alot of work indeed!!

Dish #4: Surprise soup

dish #4 : toufu soup with toufu on mustard ♥

dish #5: grilled fish

dish #6 : ponzu salad

dish no#7 : Beef!

Dish no #8: chicken wing stew

dish #9 : tempura shitake mushrooms and snow pea

dish #10: baked apple

We were quite sad to leave.. this is like our last dinner here before we go into the city to celebrate New Year! It was a really good experience staying at a ryokan. I am not a mountain and scenary person, neither are my siblings. Thus, from our unappreciative of such sights backgrounds, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience here and look forward to coming back here to stay again!

We caused quite a bulk of trouble for the ryokan woman, when we accidentally threw the car key on the roof, but she was ever so patient in helping us call the roof man to get it down for us .. as well as trying to provide mops and sticks to try to get the key down.



After the ever heavy breakfast, we headed towards Mt Aso ..
on the way there we made a pit stop because we got lost.

a station for battery operated cars to charge their batteries

and seeing that theres a souvenier shop selling all the different kinds of japanese Sweets, We loaded up the car with them!! Then, we continued on

almost there


Spot the bear

and finally!!!!

阿蘇山 - active for that day we couldnt go up

Horse meat skewers 🙂 YUMM

we bought a stick to try .. and surprisingly, it tastes like beef and lamb mixed together (if i really had to describe it). Slightly grainer version of the two combined together .

sweet potato mochi?

battery operated car recharging

We decided to head off somewhere else for lunch, since the whole area and museum seemed so touristy. So we just headed around found a ramen place. But sadly, this is one of the suckiest ramen that I ever had in the whole Japan trip. The broth sucked, and everything was just average ..

Sauces to add to ramen


sucky ramen : only the egg and char siew is nice

This was one of the better option – We all liked this better than the ramen

charsiew rice

We (my family) eat innards .. like we go for bah kuet teh and we do order innards .. but .. this one was just mushy all the way .. and just had a weird smell to it ..

fried intestines - ordered by mistake

we were disappointed our first ramen of the trip turned out like that ..but because we were always caught up with the attractions and lose track of time, we always don’t make it in time for lunch .. so beggars can’t be choosers ;/

then we headed to the Takachiho [canyon Segawa Goka]

”]”]Really awesome! although do be warned to drive in and out of the place, the road is so narrow that only 1 car can pass at each time!! the turns are very very sharp! so do becareful!


Spot the Stalk!!

Huge!! long fish!

We think they keep these fishes for like freeing purposes

after the years of erosion

All crowding around the stall for warmth

and of course, to end off the journey before heading back to dinner:

Homemade doughnuts

Fukuoka Day #4.1

We have been enjoying ourselves in soaking in the onsen (I love the outside one, its like soaking in your own backyard. Especially at night, there are so many stars that light up the beautiful night sky! and as much as i hate to admit it, but the countryside air is really fresh!)

Overview of breakfast #3

dish #1 : raw egg'

plate just to throw the egg shells! Brilliant Japanese!!!

ta daa the result of the raw egg mixed with soy sauce - totally takes away the eggy taste of raw eggs

dish #2: seaweed mixed with carrots, konyaku

dish #3: grilled smoked mackerel

dish #4: salad with raw onions and funny vegetables

dish #5: hot toufu with red miso dipping sauce

dish #6: pickles

dsh #7 beef!!!

dish # 8 nua nua ikan bilis

dish #9 : slimy wildmushrooms with miso soup

and then we set off towards the Volcano, Mt Aso …