Fukuoka Day #3.1

just like yesterday, we woke up in excitement to see what special is being whipped up for us today! We are quite a privilledged lot. Accordingly, this Ryokan only have Japanese Guests – we are the only foreigners that were staying there. We came to know about this place through my parent’s church friend- a retired Japanese that worked as a Chef in one of the big hotels in Singapore. He conducts gourmet tours around Japan in small selective group. My parents went for one of his tours and yup thats how we got to know about this ryokan.

Breakfast day#3

Dish #1 Fried toufu with ginger

Dish #2 - pan fried mackeral with sesame - super fishy didn't go down too well with me

Dish #5 : Salad with cream mayo dressing

dish #6 : dried shitake mushrooms

Dish #7 - sweet miso paste with sesame seeds