Fukuoka #3.3

We had such a full lunch! we didn’t want to spoil our dinner! So we continued exploring around Beippu City and walk off some of our lunch so we can enjoy our dinner!

Famous Fountain Near Beippu Station

Quaintly Designed Onsen

Beippu Tower

then finally dinner time came!! and we went back for dinner!!!

Mackerel Sashimi

Mochi Toufu

Wild Mushroom with grated yam

Pan fried Mackerel

Salad in Yuzu dressing

Clear Sea bream soup in Dashi Stock , Topped with Raddish

Pan Seared Beef with Mustard

Home made Fish Cake

Prawn and Vegetable Tempura

Because i told the innkeeper I don’t take prawns, I had a special one of

Fish and vegetables Tempura

and of course, not forgetting to end of the night with

Miso Soup


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