Fukuoka day#1

we arrived in the morning at Fukuoka!
before driving to Yu fuin ( where we are staying for the next few nights in a ryokan) , we made a pit stop to dazaifu, another small town along the way to Yu Fuin.

It seems here there are very little foreigners that actually visit here! the crowd we saw were mainly Japanese!

だざいふ遊園地. (dai zai fu)

cute doggie

red bean pancake

plum flavoured grilled mochi - a special local delicacy

besides walking through all the interesting shops around this area, we also decided to stop for lunch in one of the restaurants

Katsu don

Nabeyaki Udon! *slurps!
Spot the fried mochi there!!! something different yummers

Fried Mochi!!

restaurant garden

after such a full lunch, we went around and explored the place  .. and walked further up and landed ourselves at a shrine/temple


walking on, there was a street performer with his monkey performing some tricks

Monkey show

after watching the show, we proceeded on back to the car to make our way to yu fuin before it gets dark .. and on the way back to the car, i saw this!!

Kawaii bear shop!

while taking turns to drive, my parents who have been here before said we should make stop at one of the neighbouring village and we found :

Look at this HUGE Shitake Mushroom

that was really good!

then.. after a few hours more drive, we finally reached our ryokan! its called なか屋.(na ka ya)

I will let the pictures do the talking

our ryokan - the outside pool to dip in

traditional japanese heated coffee table! nice for a cold winter day!!

complimentary tea set

Following this, after settling into our rooms, we prepared for dinner ..

Dish #3: sesame salad with konyaku, mushroons, spring onions and grated yam

wtihout the syrup