Paradise Dynasty

I met a friend for a while to discuss our Japan trip that is coming up with our familes in december, as well as to catch up on things since I have been back for almost a month! and yes a day after my birthday and she thought maybe to bring me to dinner ūüôā

we decided to go try Paradise dynasty after walking around for a while.

Fried Fish with garlic flakes

Spinach with garlic

Xiao Long Paus

Upon uploading the pictures, I realised how we seem to have ordered a garlic themed dinner. Nonetheless, the xiao long paus, I think the ones at imperial were nicer. This one marginally lost just in the skin texture – i think the imperial ones, their skin are slightly thinner. The rest of the food was average and not too bad …

Maybe another time when i am feeling more adventurous, I would give the colourful ones a shot Рthough I haven been  hearing mixed reviews about the colourful ones ..

The wait was long!!!! but ok pretty worth the wait to some extent…
 Paradise Dynasty
2 Orchard Turn,
#04-12A ION Orchard,