Old Hong Kong Kitchen (Square 2)

One of our favourite family restaurants we like to patronise – and the lady boss has really good PR skills. She also even helped me find a housing agent (but I didn’t use her in the end as her rates were too high) when I told her I was going to Hong Kong. She also mentioned how there are alot of hidden areas to eat, like tai hung .. šŸ™‚

Anyway, today we went she was not around .. so we just ordered accordingly to our usuals..

I liked the following:

Seasonal: crabmeat giant xiao long pau

I am biased towards gluten/ beancurd sheets. I think its one of the best chinese dishes/ food that was ever invented by whoever the dude/lady is! kudos to her/hisĀ ingeniousĀ idea, we can reap from the goodness of such an exquisite manually tedious dish.

Fried gluten and assorted mushrooms

Bai cai with pan fried garlic, shredded dried scallops and red dates

Braised duck slices - teochew style

I especially loved this duck dish .. I will always order this when I am here! its super yummy!! the duck is not too tough, the sauce is not too saltish as well. They have a special dipping sauce to go with the duck, pretty sourish but I quite like the combination.

dangui kurobuta pork on hot pan

cooled down

This didnt go down too well with me .. I thought the dangui masked the whole dish, it made it so bitter. The sauce evaporated and sizzled out pretty fast, so by the time it cooled and settled down, there wasnt any sauce left. I wont order this dish again ;/

I would go back because my parents like the place. We enjoy this taro dessert that comes in a coconut, and steamed (its very popular and well liked with my parents and their friends *ah hem their generation love such desserts .. well.. so do I actually)

Old Hong Kong Kitchen (Square 2)
Address:Ā 10Ā Sinaran Drive,
#02-80Ā Novena Square 2,Ā 
+65 6397 7023




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