Kko Kko Nara

My close friend has been taking korean classes .. and she had leave that day, so she brought us to a restaurant that she herself brought exchange students from korea to dine at .. and had received well feedbacks from the korean students .. So she suggested we go try that out!

refreshing raddish cubes

this radish cubes saved me entirely throughout the spicy course of the lunch! it was refreshing on its on, and according to my friend, helped levelled out the spiciness of the other food.

Side dishes: Bean sprouts, kimchi, sliced potatoes

Side dish : suspicious black thing, spinach, egg

The chicken was one of the highlights of the meal! All had varying taste. I especially liked the garlic and the spicy one! although the spicy was a little too spicy for me .. but it was those kinda spicy food where you just know its good but hot and yet you can’t stop eating it!

Assorted Chicken: original, Garlic and Spicy

We also ambitiously ordered a hot pot that came in ramen, dumplings, luncheon meat, beamcurd sheets, vegs, rice cakes .. etc It was too much for us.. I wished we had  more people!  we were literally rolling out of the restaurant!! The soup was SUPER SPICY~ for me I was dying while drinking it up!

Hot pot!

I will definitely come back here for the chicken!! and bring more people to try the other food!

Kko Kko Nara
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