Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe (Wheelock Place)

I met up with my dear melbourne friend, who was having a bad day at work .. So we went to reward ourselves with .. good Japanese food! Since we love our Japanese food much! and since she also had vouchers to redeem and points expiring!!!

Asosrted sushi rolls

It was all yummy! she loved the prawn one (i dont eat prawns) I liked the mango wtih soft shell crab in it! as well as the salmon one!

Swordfish and Salmon Sashimi

I don’t know if it was me, but somehow that day, their salmon sashimi had a fishy taste to it .. like it wasnt very fresh ..

Baked Scallop and mushrooms

This is one of my favourite tonight! I super loved the sauce and to dip the bread crips in all the goodness! pure awesomeness! This dish is totally a calorie worthy splurge.

Corn and Potato Gratin

My dear friend loves her corn and potato.. so she was really excited when she saw this seasonal dish! hahaha.. its a simple dish that made a dear girl very happy eating it! hahaha .. the wonders of food

Shio Hokkaido snow crab leg

I was looking forward to this dish.. but i was disappointed.. the crabmeat kept sticking to its shell – it was hard to remove = either the crab is not fresh, or the thing has been over bbq-ed such that the fella is just not given its justice.  It tasted very .. I know its a wierd phrase to put it in this context, but lao hong ..
i may return if the standard picks up .. or if they have other seasonal promotions .. and since it brings such fond memories 🙂
nonetheless great company makes up for everything 🙂

Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe (Wheelock Place)
501 Orchard Road, #03-15 
Wheelock Place,