Arteastiq (Mandarin Gallery)

Following the birthday celebration, we went around Orchard doing a little shopping here and there, checking out things before realising how tired we are to walk around, thus walked into this new place where the concept is pretty interesting.

there is an area for artist to ‘art jam’ – freely explore their artistic side and draw up portraits of whatever they liked at a certian price ..
we decided we were too tired for that so we just had some tea and desserts instead

there is always place for dessert!!

Green tea Molten Chocolate cake

I am a real sucker for molten cake. And whats more, its green tea molten cake!!! hahaha turned out not too bad! and the centre was gooey enough.. super love ..

Each of us also ordered different teas to try .. I forgot to take a picture of their tea set that came, but mine was

lychee tea

I would consider coming back to try the other desserts, or maybe attempt an impromptu drawing!
nonetheless, Happy 24th! we are all growing old and saggy!

Arteastiq (Mandarin Gallery)
 333A Orchard Road, #04-14/15 
Mandarin Gallery


I went to celebrate a friend’s birthday .. She chose Epicurious for a brunch celebration .. Remembering I went there to the Railmall branch to check out .. We went to the main branch instead.

The decoration theme was the same – it had that old school canteen kinda touch to it .

3 of us ordered the same thing : Eggs Benedict!


I was a little disappointed in the Mocha. It didnt come as thick as I would have liked it previously .. but

Eggs Benedict

the eggs benedict made up for it! I loved the potatoes and the herbs that are roasted along together with it. Hollandaise was nicely made. The colour of it was just inviting and I couldn’t wait to dig in!!!
So glad they suggested this place! and they also liked it as much as I did! 🙂 a definite return 🙂 Just that maybe we went during peak hours, so the place was congested and crowded .. but worth the wait nonetheless 🙂

Happy 24th my november buddy!! 🙂

Epicurious at the Bay side
#01-02 The Quayside, Robertson Quay

Tel: 6734-7720

Cluny Court Adventure

So my friend and I, Our parents went together to KL (wierd) so we decided to meet after her parents dropped off her car at my place.
We explored cluny court in our own way .. and went on a mini food trial .

First we headed to Relish and got ourselves

Rocket burger

Braised beef cheek with mash potato

the burger didn’t really go down well .. we just thought it was ok .. I quite liked the beef cheek 🙂

 501 Bukit Timah Road,
Cluny Court, 

Then we decided there is always room for dessert since it belonged to another stomach, so we went ahead around cluny court to find “3 inch sin”

I am a total sucker for molten chocolate cake.. so why not?

Molten Chocolate Cake

I thought it was a little too rich and chocolately for my liking .. after a while it just got too much and we couldn’t bring ourselves to finish it.

3 Inch Sin
 501 Bukit Timah Road,

Its been a long while since i did a food trail .. but nonetheless had fun talking rubbish and exploring around 🙂




Keisuke Tokyo (Parco Marina Bay)

Before starting classes, I decided I will go explore around Singapore and go shopping around ..

I chanced upon this while walking into Parco at Millenia walk

Parco totally reminds me of the tokyo malls and I will be heading to Japan in December! All the planning for a foodie family and friend! yikes ..

So this restaurant prides itself in its crab broth ramen ..
I love ramen, I love crab.. so OK lets give it a shot and see if combined will be like a double bonus combo!

Crab broth Ramen

The eggs were molten-y – Tick
The broth was interesting. It had an overpowering seafood taste, stronger on the crab and it came quite light over all.. not like the normal char siew pork heavy broths.
Maybe I would return .. I am not sure if it made a strong impression on me that I would actually crave it. The noodles were like those used in the ‘chinese style ramen’ in Japan .. But portioning wise is just nice for me. Not too much and heavy.

Keisuke Tokyo (Parco Marina Bay)
9 Raffles Boulevard,
#P3-02 Parco Marina Bay,
Millenia Walk, 



ROAST @ One Rochester

My Birthday celebration continued on with my next most important group of friends – my uni friends 🙂
I suggested trying out one rochester and we all went there in excitement .. OK i rather .. 🙂

Its so nicely situated .. not too noisy (although there was a company event going on at the same time as well) but, the greens and decorations made up for it.

we ordered off some of the Christmas specials as well

we all shared :

Twice baked gruyere souffle, salade chapponade with crispy bacon

Crab cakes



Truffle oil mushroom soup

Braised beef cheek with Chestnut risotto

Scallop and Prawn Creamy pasta

Baby chicken wrapped in proscuitto with pine nut, raisin and truffle stuffing, garlic potatoes, quince and pear compote

Baked Cauliflower

I think so far the mains were great .. uploading all this pictures made me think how did we ever manage to ‘wallap’ all this up – but we did! hahahaha .. scarily and amazingly

the desserts were disappointing .. i wont return for it ..

Pumpkin Tart

Chestnut opera cake -pukes

Will come back to try the mains.. but other than that, I think i will pass on dessert.

Roast@One Rochester
1 Rochester Park,  
Tel: +65 6773 0070




Paradise Dynasty

I met a friend for a while to discuss our Japan trip that is coming up with our familes in december, as well as to catch up on things since I have been back for almost a month! and yes a day after my birthday and she thought maybe to bring me to dinner 🙂

we decided to go try Paradise dynasty after walking around for a while.

Fried Fish with garlic flakes

Spinach with garlic

Xiao Long Paus

Upon uploading the pictures, I realised how we seem to have ordered a garlic themed dinner. Nonetheless, the xiao long paus, I think the ones at imperial were nicer. This one marginally lost just in the skin texture – i think the imperial ones, their skin are slightly thinner. The rest of the food was average and not too bad …

Maybe another time when i am feeling more adventurous, I would give the colourful ones a shot – though I haven been  hearing mixed reviews about the colourful ones ..

The wait was long!!!! but ok pretty worth the wait to some extent…
 Paradise Dynasty
2 Orchard Turn,
#04-12A ION Orchard, 





Angus Steak House

Yes its my birthday! My friend kindly dragged me out to celebrate! haha and we went to one of the places that I have never tried before but walked past it alot of times .. 🙂

She suggested it, knowing I enjoy Japanese fusion with western style of dinning . Walking in for the first time, I loved how the place was decorated. It had an very french touch to it, like the windows that you could not open but looked nice as a decoration. It was quite a strategic position to also people watch people on the streets 🙂

Clam Chowder

The clam chowder was not too creamy – just to my liking.  The bun was really cute, and dipped in the soup tasted yummy! Everything was served in a slow paced – which I am alright with – and quite a chillax nice reserved environment to dine.

Garlic buttered steak

Our mains portioning wise was just nice for us – wasnt too much nor too little. I swiped off everything my plate and am thankful she dragged me out for this meal, if not I would have been feeling quite crappy celebrating my birthday.

I would come back to try the other methods of cooking and when I have another steak craving!!

Angus Steak House
391 Orchard Road,
#04-25 Ngee Ann City,