Ocean Park

For the same reasons as going to disney land , and the rumour that Ocean Park’s Halloween is even scarier, and thrilling and secretly “I-have-not-been-to-ocean-park-more-than-10-years-ago”  .. so .. yups 😕 *gulps

So being noobish me and having not visited Ocean Park since I was a young kid, we went exploring around also  .. so the first stop!!! Panda!!!!


Panda :)

So cute I want to buy them as a pet and keep them in my house .. 🙂

Then .. the excitement began ..


I must say the people here took ALOT of effort into scaring you .. Like they were all make-uped and they FOLLOW YOU AROUND THE PARK!!! YES FOLLOW … I ran from some and they chased me like mad – #mental note not to run when the ghosts are chasing .. it just didn’t register .. and maybe it was not that bad because they spoke cantonese and we couldn’t really make out what they were saying in all ;p so anyways. ..

The torture Chamber of the Dragon Emperess

This was the first ride that we went to .. the queue was so crazily long! while queuing we regretted not buying the express queues tickets instead! .. #mental note  – buy the express tickets because the time you spend queuing, you might as well pay so that you can do everything .. It was really freaky! There was one part of it I remembered that there were like gym mats, and as you were walking through, people were pushing from the sides and I felt like I was being squished and ‘ghostly’ ..


So while queuing for the first ride, there was like skits being put up in cantonese ( pity we just couldn’t understand what they were talking about) so to keep the spookiness and excitement going ..:) I must say Hong Kongers are really sporting .. most of them were dressed up for the occasion! It was really fun to watch and see what people dressed up in and all the Halloween costumes they turned up in. .. then by the time we finished the first ride, it was time for dinner .. before continuing on 🙂 so we went to the near by restaurant and parked ourselves there  before continuing …

green slime drink

over cooked salmon and onion rings


Dessert 🙂


I think i was too over scared with my heart thumping 75% of the time I was just in a super ‘scared’ mode .. i dont think i really enjoyed the food … the food was like … hmms .. must give them credit because they did incorporate the Halloween theme into it .. but I wont come back for the meal .. my salmon was overcooked, salad was a ham mayo salad thing-o ..  I was too full to finish my main, let alone eat dessert .. But I would come back in October, with more guts and maybe with friends to take the rides .. I felt quite bad I was so super terrified in the middle of the rides and kept tugging at my friend’s shirt and screaming (I think he probably got deaf at the end of the night)


The picture above was what we saw when we were going to take some rides .. we were wondering whats going on? Apparently, the staff that is all dressed up in rollar blades, mentioned he will slide under the legs of these people that are lining up! and these people in rollar blades, they are the scariest!! they will literally chase you right behind (I got chased twice) once they smell fear in you .. for a moment, they reminded me of my new boss when he mentioned that “he will literally EAT ME UP in the market when he knows I am afraid”  .. ok diversion .. back to this .. I thought this was quite a highlight .. they really put in the effort to scare the shits out of you .. and each time they skated behind, you could hear the sparks and see it literally as well!

We visited a few more haunted mansions as well ..

There was one particular one where we had to queue up  .. enter into the haunted house .. then just when you thought it was over, you had to queue again .. and SLIDE DOWN! yes SLIDE down this pitch black hole .. and .. you get split up and have to finish and get through this maze to get out ALL ALONE!!! there was this ghost stationed, and he kept on insisting I go one direction, but I refused to listen thinking he will lead me to a dead end and scare the sheets out of me .. so i went in the opposite direction and landed myself in a dead end :/ .. hahahha .. He must have been pretty pissed at me .. Oh well ;p
quite an experience i must say – I can’t sleep and called up my dear friend in Canada to talk until I could sleep after returning home ..

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