Disney Land :)

Its october .. Spooky month! and in Hong Kong, they specially open their theme parks till late!!!! the best part is, they even have rides that are catered specially to get in the theme of Halloween!!

So why not???

Never been to a theme park in the night time! and.. its Disney land – additional reason to visit the place .. and best part is .. Everything is in Cantonese!!!! ahhaha how are we going to get through this? *faints


We then waited for the parade to start before continuing on ..  there were floats, of course being led by Jack from Nightmare before christmas, all the other villans, then ending off with some acrobatic floats and mickey and the whole gang .. So we then trudged towards the stitch side (I love stitch) and thought we grab a couple of bites before exploring further on .. and finding all the Halloween specials …

Jack!!!(fried chicken burger) in the theme of Halloween!!!

Chicken bites to share

the burger is so cute .. couldn’t bear to eat it .. although eventually I did since my stomach was growling a lil .. Can’t complain, its fried stuff .. can’t possible go wrong with it .. I think I was too happy and excited to be in Disney land than i imagined myself to be, so food wise is not taken to much consideration since being there itself was just a happy event in itself..  hahaha .. then exploring further on …

Cinderella ! love the name and princess

Its a small world - looks lovely at night

Walked around the park and .. we found this at long last! I must say I never had the guts to go for these kinda things .. I mean I admit I am too chicken to just go in for it .. but since we are all the way here.. can’t be that bad right ?? ..

When you are going in, they do not allow you to hold anything or bring in outside drinks or food .. in the event that you got too frightened that you end up throwing the things at the staff ..
I was freaked out I totally wanted to bolt out .. One scene was the kitchen where there were 2 shutters and suddenly one of them opened and the chef started screaming out something in Cantonese .. I jumped

Disney Castle

and of course  .. I would definitely return for new rides .. 🙂

Happy Halloween

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