Hong Zhou Restaurant 杭州酒家

My sweet colleagues organized a farewell dinner for me within themselves (the usual tw gang – the have an acumen in sourcing out good food, and I have be very blessed to be included in most of their food hunts after work)  .. So they brought me to this restaurant .. it seems to be quite famous – alot of celebrities seems to have visited it before

Sweet Candied Lotus

Smoked Fish

Wild Vegetable in a 'pillar'

Claypot Eel

Crystal Prawns

Dong Po Rou - similar to kong bah pao

Close up

Fried Ding Dangs - beancurd skins

Leek pan cake

Fried vegetables with fishball

am very honoured to have gotten to know them, and some on a personal level.  They were all very nice and inclusive even though I was the only Singaporean around, they were very hospitable and nice in showing me around Hong Kong, bringing me to good eats, as well as trying to include me in their conversations.  🙂 Am very grateful to have gotten to know them and them imparting alot of navigating in Hong Kong tips 🙂


Hong Zhou Restaurant   杭州酒家 
1/F,Chinachem Johnston Plaza,
178-188 Johnston Road,
 Wan Chai

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