Sun King Yuen Curry Restaurant 新景園咖喱小廚

My brother is in Hong Kong for exchange!! Good thing hes around! can always trust him for good food hunts :p
so hes putting up in my place until he manages to find a place to live in …

he found this curry pork chop rice that is super duper yummilicious!! we have been eating everyday for lunch! especially when we are all lazy to cook or even to have to push each other to go and ta bao for the other (ok it always ends up to be me)

ta dam!!!!

I think its amazing how the portions in Hong Kong is always so BIG!  and yet the people here are like either super skinny or super duper skinny.Look at this pork chop! its can cover the whole rice portion!!!

Curry Sauce!!

the curry sauce is a little too oily for me BUT , when you just combine it together.. you just can’t stop eating it! like really can’t stop putting it in your mouth! and amazingly!! WE FINISHED IT ALL!!!!

to take away is cheaper, but this is a definite hit. I could eat this almost everyday!!!

Sun King Yuen Curry Restaurant   新景園咖喱小廚
20 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai

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