Newton Hawker Center

Newton Hawker Center revisited – Well its one of the places i must go despite the hikes- just to satisfy  my local food cravings.. But I must make a disclaimer that I will be biased towards this post, because Newton to me, is like another place of familiarity that, despite at times we will complain how overpriced the things are here, it still never fails to be a convenient meeting ground for all of us that stay scattered all over Singapore.
so my poor friends dragged along by me went and we ordered a whole table of food!!

No matter where you are in the world,
to me no other country can ever match such comfort food.
I am so glad to be back here before I head back to face my own wars .

The only meh thing was just the duck noodles.. other than that, everything else satisfied my cravings 🙂

Thank God for friends 🙂

Newton Hawker Center
500 Clemenceau Ave 

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