Tung Lok Classics

So my very last pit stop before leaving for the airport back to Hong Kong – Dim Sum lunch -_-
My parents found their new place to have dim sum and thought they bring me along to try it..

I remember coming here for a birthday dinner previously and they would provide singing services .. ok to elaborate on it before it seems so shady, they will ‘rap’ and sing a chinese poem about you, write it on a plate the poem and sing it as their form of a present to you! hahaha .. its quite interesting a sight 🙂

so we ordered :

seasonal beef brisket

Kiliney Kopitiam

Whenever my Canadian friend returns, She would always make sure she has time to visit this stall for their kaya toast. I know I will get shot here if my mum finds out I support outside kaya (undeniably I still think hers is the best), but in the past, my friend holds the record of ordering 14 pieces of this, before leaving for Canada 🙂 – this show how much she values her local cuisine and roots 🙂

Kaya Toast

Mee Siam

teh bing (ice milk tea)

Jokes on the wall

its quite a nice place to catch up over such a local delight 🙂

Killiney Kopitiam
67 Killiney Road