King’s Lodge

Well I was just walking around Tsim Tsha Tsui and chanced upon this restaurant ..

So i dragged my only friend to go and check it out with me ..
It was quite a wait, and it seems like this restaurant is one of those that is awarded the tourism award ..

so two of us ordered


Salted Egg Yolk fried with Si Ji Dou

Dan Dan Noodles

Raddish Pastry

All was a hit but I didn’t quite like the Raddish Pastry. I think I still liked the Singapore style ones instead .. I think there was not enough like ‘juice’ inside the Raddish Pastry and it was a little dry. .. But I loved the salted egg yolk veg [ i guess everything with salted egg yolks are like …. 🙂 ]. Xiao Long Bao lived up to its standard – juicy and not much porkiness in the taste. The dan dan noodles, I personally wished it would be abit more peanutty… but nonetheless, overall I would go back again 🙂 Just to try the other dishes there as well.
Its pretty crowded so highly reccomended to book!

King’s Lodge
67-71 Chatham Road South,
Tsim Sha Tsui, 

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