Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle House 上海香港麵家

I got quite bored and wanted supper .. Didnt have a fulfilling dinner.. so I trudged around after shopping around and chanced upon this place


It was quite an interesting shop, to me, because everything was pretty rustic .. like even down to the tables and chairs .. it felt very like ‘ ok, order, hurry eat and get out!’ .. But the waiter was very nice and patient in taking orders from my broken cantonese. I ordered


Yummies! would come back here for this

Xiao Long Baos

this didnt go down too well for me .. It had very minimal soup and the meat had that porky after taste ..

Shredded Chicken with shanghainese glass noodles in peanut sauce

I loved this .. it was cold .. portioning a little big  but its simple and something different from the normal type of noodles.. I think this was meant to be an appetizer on the menu, but it totally filled me up!


Would return for this and the soyabean.


Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle House 上海香港麵家
29 Jardine’s Bazaar,
Causeway Bay

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