Brunch Club & Supper

What an apt restaurant name that immediately caught my stomach and eyes!
Ever since coming to Hong Kong, I am pretty determined to try to find one of the best eggs benny.. I think it really cheers me up from the tiring work week.. for some reason and brings back really happy memories in Melbourne 🙂

Ice Mocha

This ice -mocha was just flat and bad.. the coffee/ latte was not strong enough and it was a little ‘thin’.

Eggs benedict 🙂

I liked how almost everything is like on the plate – real feast for the eyes and stomach. Loved the mushroom sides .. and most importantly

Happy Eggs

I would return for the ambience .. its a nice cafe to people watch and read a book . Wont come back for the coffee.
A nice chillax on a lazy Sunday afternoon

Brunch Club & Supper
1/F   13 Leighton Road, 
 Causeway Bay