Nam Ah Restaurant 南亞1964

You know how at times, you always seem to walk past certain restaurants and then, it ends up on your ‘next time i must come back and try’ list, well this one is one of them.

I always see it being so crowded with families, and from the menu, they served Malaysian Singaporean Cuisine, infused with some Hong Kong style of cooking inside.. So i decided to go ahead since they had something on the menu that attracted me!!! I always wanted to try what Portuguese baked style of food tasted like, so what not a bettter time like now,  I ordered myself ..

Portuguese Baked Chicken

It tastes really interesting .. portuguese baked chicken .. although I wished it was a little thicker on the sauce ..
Good try but not what I would return for :/
Nam Ah Restaurant   南亞1964
G/F, 17-19 Leighton Road,
Causeway Bay

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