Parents Visit

My parents came up to Hong Kong to visit me 🙂
Since it was also the Japanese golden week (no we are not Japanese)

so we went to Macau for a day

We witnessed wedding shots

according to the guide, this is the house of the first/ second wife of Stanley ho

Love how some of the shop houses has its character

Ruins of St Paul


I decided to go and hunt for the Ice-shop where most of the tvb drama serials usually filmed when they went to Macau, and also as reccomended .. So i  found…

Ice shop

I tried the ice – I think i am not used to the taste and all .. I just threw it away .. It was not creamy enough for my liking..  hahaha .. I think its quite an acquired taste

triple flavoured ice

couldn’t wait to return to Hong Kong for my meal ..

Visit to the Venetian - New Casino


Next time i promise this is where I will go  … lol


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