Easter Holidays #4

So my feast continues on 🙂 [ I know I sound so piggish .. but i mean come on! In Hong Kong theres barely any big groups of people that I can go out and meals with – that in ordering more food in varieties to try, and of course my great companies .. I super miss them and love them bits]

So its family time. 🙂

My brother has been very crazy over trying to find the best yakitori – he has his moments .. so hahah he managed to find the nicest ( and quite steep) yakitori place around that according to his standards are super good.  (of course, being one of the fussiest eater in the family)

I super loved the white asparagus, I finally understand why the French can base an entire course just on White asparagus .. Its so sweet and juicy on its own .. and of course such delights when cooked simply is just so wonderful on its own 🙂

The Sea bream – was also a seasonal special. The most costly fish but I must say the skill involved in baking it to such perfection – totally not easy job. My family members are very particular about the way their fish is done. This totally passed their standards 🙂

I cant say theres a least favourite dish ( except the prawns only because I hate prawns so I stay away from them) but this place is always so fully packed! only 2 seatings (6pm or 8pm) and you need to make reservations at least a few days before to get a place.

The dessert is so pretty and special .. and not only does it look good, it tastes so memorably spectacular 🙂

This is a definite Hit for me 🙂 Always I trust my brother’s fussy tongue 100%. 🙂  But of course,  for such quality, be prepared for your wallets to bleed some love.

5 Koek Road,
Cuppage Plaza, 

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