Easter Holidays #2

So the eating feast continues 🙂
Before I left for Hong Kong, I checked out this new pasta place that newly opened in Goldhill. I must say I am pretty impressed by their service. After returning 2 times, they remembered my sister and me 🙂 We must be really be both looking either very ‘memorable’, but this is commendable. I mean, how many service staff actually take the effort to bother to remember their customers? that only patronized them twice?

So its like a common eating italian pasta place for us  .. so we went there .. 🙂

Crabmeat Penne in Tomato based sauce

the crabmeat pasta was pretty standard. couldn’t really go wrong. I liked how the pasta was not over cooked and cooked to al dente.

My favourite - Stuffed sausage Ravioli in mushroom cream sauce

The cream pasta still had retained its consistencies – nicer when shared, so it doesnt get too jelard ( over poweringly sick after consuming too creamy a thing)

Squid Iink with tiger prawns

The squid Ink tiger prawns pasta – the prawn didn’t go down well with the prawn tasters. They said that it didn’t taste fresh?
*disclaimer all prawn things, are not tasted by me because I hate eating the actual prawn itself*

SO this place is … a HIT 🙂 well for the friendly staff that redeemed the place, the cream pasta, as well as the free home made dessert ( couldnt take a picture in time – it got eaten up quite quickly)

Da Luca
51 Goldhill Plaza, Goldhill Plaza 51, Singapore 308900
+65 6258 4846 ‎

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