Local bites

Everyday as I walk home from work,
I would always walk by this old lady that sold a local delight (I think illegally) .. I always saw people eating it on tv in tvb drama serials.. and it seems to have alot of significance in shaping the Hong Kong palates.. So i decided to buy one to try

Wan Zai Kueh with Red Beans

It didnt go down well with me.. I found it to be very starchy and ‘nua-ish’ .. Maybe its more something like a childhood comfort food that the Hong Kongers grew up with .. Sorry I could not appreciate it …  but dont regret trying it


Milk Top

Milk Puddinnn!!

As I decided to go around exploring in Sogo, chanced upon this and decided to give it a try! ..
I am not a big fan of puddings, but, this one is plain AWESOME!
its so nice chilled and very jelly-ish milky texture!
i tried all strawberry, chocolate and original .. I still think original is the best 🙂

Milk Top
Shop B2-12A, Basement, Sogo,
555 Hennessy Road
Causeway Bay